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how to smoke in your room

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by canadiankush69, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. I have decided to write this because i know so many amature smokers are wonding if you can smoke in side without being caught.

    there are certain places.
    2.bed room

    the bathroom is good becuase its alot easier to get rid of the smoke. so what you do is you turn you shower to maximum hottness then let your room get steamy. when you room is starting to look steamy turn on the fan and open the window(if you dont have a window a fan will do fine and vice sersa). then you load your bowl. i dont recomend using a bong if your smoking with your pants home as well just because its bigger and same with joints, too much smoke. so take your bubler or pipe or bong, no joint, and load a small bowl that you can easily pop. now the biggest part in my eyes. lighting the bowl. you must make sure that you light all of the weed! milk it for a bit, but not too long and pop it. now hold it in as long as possible then exhale out the window, a sploof is optional. and make sure it all goes outside. if you dont have a window that opens just blow into fan. then just spray i little bit of axe. then clean your materials then once everything is away turn off the shower.

    follow all the same steps except make sure you blow out the window and preferably have a fan blowing it all out the window.

    sorry if it doesnt reall y makes snese im fucking ripped...
  2. We know about this, and I'd recommend not smoking inside at all if you don't want to get caught. Is it really that hard to go outside, in your backyard, even in your garage and toke quick? It's more trouble to go through all of that just to smoke inside.
  3. sorry man im mucked
  4. [​IMG]

  5. Depends on your crib, I use the balcony or the backyard, it's great if you have a sauna, hotbox that bitch

  6. This is a stoner forum, 90% of us are blazed, the other 10% are really blazed, that's no excuse.

    Your excuse is that your new, so welcome to GrassCity! Next time you want to make a thread, just do a quick search to see if what you want to post isn't just a rehash of something that's posted every week. Every Blade appreciates the thought (it's a nice thing to do to post a helpful guide) but there are dozens of them, and you're not bringing anything new to the table.
  7. sober atm
  8. Personally ide rather smoke in the bath.
  9. I can't imagine sneaking into the bathroom and stealthing it out. Especially if I had to share it.

    I'm going back home in about 3ish weeks, and I'm used to the whole "smoke/vape on balcony/bedroom/walk" thing. So most I'm going to do is open a window, light some Yankee Candles, and hang around the vicinity of said window. It doesn't seem too crazy difficult.
  10. Never tried in the bathroom, but I kinda want to. Bedroom wise, my advice would be:
    - All room windows open
    - Hoodies/sweaters/wet towels on the bottom of the doors and any wardrobe doors
    - If there are any vents to the rest of the house in the room, stuff a sweater/shirt/towel in one of them to fully block it up
    - If you have a fan, use it. Small fans are useful to put about a metre away from the window(s) and put back away when you're done
    (Maybe spray a tiny tiny bit of fragrance/deodrant on the fan. Not much at all, only so you can smell a trace of it from the air blowing from the fan)
    - If you have curtains on them, pull the curtains shut and keep a gap open with your hands, light it directly by the window and smoke directly out the window (so if any escapes, its contained behind the curtains and will hopefully drift out the window by the time you finish smoking)

    Depends how much at risk you are of being caught. This has worked for months in a room right next to a parents' room while they've been in there asleep.

    Probably seems OTT, depends how much at risk you are, if people are home, and how clean you like your room to smell. Also, make sure you look around for all traces of ash, and put all smoking equipment away as soon as you finish smoking (lighters/matches, papers, herb, etc.), and when you've decided it's been long enough, remember to take everything away from the vents and put the fan away again. It's not a good sign to fall asleep and wake up with all the vents covered, windows open and a fan pointing at them.
  11. What i do to smoke in my room is crack the window open and stick a straw through the crack of the window. I light a candle and light my bic facing towards the candle and just press the butane button (so the flint doesn't make that "flick" sound). Then I blow out the straw.
  12. i hang out my bedroom window and chief my oney. i dont even lite any candles or anything. works perfectly. no smell at all my sister and my mom have gone into my room like 10 mins after i did and didnt smell shit.
  13. I got caught smoking in my bathroom 3 weeks ago. Don't fucking do it. If you're to lazy to walk outside and smoke, you shouldn't be smoking. /thread
  14. Someone got super blazed and decided to make a half ass thread on smoking indoors. Put about 5 minutes of thought into it and decided to click post. Thanks for the repeat bud!
  15. Or you can avoid all risks, and not have to go through all this stupid shit and just smoke outside. I always just smoke in my garage or back porch. Great places to smoke and you won't spend your whole high being paranoid of whether all the covering up worked or not.
  16. Yeah im very rarely high on this forum. When Im high, im watching tv, youtube videos, playing video games, talking with friends, etc. Do I sometimes go here when Im high? yes. Is this the first place I go when Im high, no.
  17. Okay the people in this thread who suggest alternative places, it's time to start thinking a bit outside the box - not everyone has the luxury of a back-garden/garage/porch (not in that position but still, it's a point) and not everyone has the ability to go outside without raising suspicion. I smoke in my room because it avoids questions, lowers suspicions and avoids confronting the "issue" of smoking with my parents, ya dig?

    I used to be a pro at smoking undetected, then i started getting progressively lazier as i realised the boundaries could be pushed (my mum fell asleep on my grinder and skins on my bed once and it never got questioned). Anyways long story short - i started getting really stoned and fucked up blowing the smoke out my window on a windy night out... result wasn't so discreet smelling a room. lols
  18. another good room is the one outside

  19. Its not like these things are necessary. but i know everyone has the luxury of a door that leads outside.
  20. I covered that, see the reason given. :cool:

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