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How to smoke in your room and not get caught

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tam575-56ce094818393, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Hey guys
    So ive been smoking in my room for a very long time. There are just those days where you want to catch a buzz but you dont feel like going outside to do it. Or maybe there is crappy ass weather that permits you from getting your fix. This is when smoking in your room seems like a very good plan. However there are many reasons why some of us cannot do this. Perhaps we live with our parents or we have douchbag landlords. Either way this method will help you burn inside your room and get away wit it.
    Now i am aware that there are many threads similar to this. I have read them. I noticed that alot of them are quite unnescisarry however. Either they do not explain things clear enough or they mention not so helpful tips. So im here to help you guys out lol.

    You need is a pipe. I use my glass spoon but thats just me. Any small handpipe should be fine. You also need a window fan. Perhaps a bottle of febreze wouldnt go amiss. Other than that you do not need anything. Sploofs are NOT nessicary i believe it to be an annoying extra item that would defintely arouse suspicion if it weere to be seen.
    So when youre ready to smoke, you first make sure that your window fan is on exhaust, meaning that the air is flowing outside rather than into your room. Do not pack your bowl all the way as some of you usually do. It tends to burn extra weed thus releasing smelly smoke into your house. Instead pack snappers. Which is a small amount of weed which you can clear in a single hit. This is a good way to smoke bowls becuase it saves alot of weed in the longrun. The annoying part about it however, is that you have to keep repacking after every hit. Which isnt that bad. Each time you take a hit, blow into the fan and all the smoke will be dispensed outside. Fuck the sploof lol. After you have finished smoking, immediatley intake your window fan again so fresh air will be pushed into your room and freshens up the way your room smells. You can spray some febreze to be on the safe side but not too much.
    And that ia basically it. Evryone always makez a big deal on smoking inside but its really not that major. As long as certain precautions are took, you should have no problem.

    I hope i helped peace guys.
  2. Read TOO many threads like this, sorry bro.
  3. magic flight box+ smoke buddy equals heaven!
  4. Open window, small hits. Common fucking sense.
  5. no need to be negative. I like this thread.
  6. No you didn't ..... Sploof does work ...... But I have a smoke buddy .......

    If you've seen one, you've seen em all.
  8. OP why not should smoke billies in ya room window closed come on..
  9. I use an ultimate sploof; three dryer sheets, a square cut out of a carbon filter sheet for the stove extractor hood, and bit cut off a sock that's had the shit sprayed into it with Axe and Febreze, duct taped together in a carboard tube from a cling-film roll cut in two. Also it fits snugly onto the end of a metal pipe I keep in my room so I can poke it through the window as I exhale. It also dosen't look like a conventional sploof so it's less conspicious if landlords etc come across it.
  10. It doesn't take much thought to figure how to discretely smoke in your room. Theres no need for all these complicated guides walking you through every little detail that come up so often.
  11. Step one: Put something under door

    Step two: Burn up and blow smoke out of the window

  12. It's not a fix, don't call it a fix. Druggies need a fix

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