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How to smoke in the shower while your parents are home

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by ThePowerOfPot, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. 1. Have small tokes so you can finish them in one toke

    2. Breathe the toke into a wet towel and it will leave no smell...amazing
  2. i shall be trying this within the next 20 minutes, lets hope it works lol
  3. Towel under the door.Shower on hot for about 5-10 minutes so it's steamy.Towel or shirt.Can of febreeze.Bong.Lighter.Packed bowl with the amount you can snap in one hit.Take binger.Spray towel or shirt with febreeze.Blow smoke into towel or shirt.Then give a few quick sprays in the bathroom.Take a shit.Should be good to go!

    Edit:Oh yeah,turn the fan on or open window a few minutes after you smoke.
  4. i shower before i smoke, get out and dry off with the water still running. then smoke.

    cover the door and blow the smoke out the window. use a sploof. take a shit or spray something to cover up the smell.
  5. I don't think everytime i take a shower i would have to take a shit :p

    but this is how i used to do it.

    Spray any mats and the floor with febreeze or use something like pinesol. Mats will trap the smell of anything, and somehow the tiles do too. It came to me when i was high, ironic isn't it?

    And open a window if you can, turn on the bathroom vent, and put a towel under the door.

    But it worked like a charm. Parents never had any suspicions after i sprayed the mats and tiles, before i smoked, in the bathroom.

  6. this.
  7. haha did this over fathers day weekend. before the long drive.

    towel under the door.
    steamy shower.
    hop in with packed chillum and lighter
    blow excess smoke down and around you.
    bam. your high.

    its not that hard. i used to freak out some when i lived with my parents. i would be pretty parnioid, but now, not so much. my parents and i have an understanding (they dont really care if i smoke weed, i just don't whip out all my bud and pieces and what not around them when i smoke)

    live and let live-
  8. My foolproof method (my bathroom is small and in the middle of the house, one day my father came home during and didn't notice a thing):

    Towel under door
    Sink and shower on as hot as they can go
    Let the steam build up
    Sit on toilet, blowing smoke into shower
    Once or twice, squirt soap/shampoo in bottom of shower to cover up smell
    Finish smoking, hide utensils under sink in case someone walks in when I'm done
    Turn off sink, turn shower to normal showering temp
    Turn fan on
    Shower away, washing with soap twice just to make sure to cover up the smell

    It's actually pretty simple, never been caught.
  9. Turn the fan on, shower on, and open the window. Get a spoof and hold it right up against the window screen and breathe out it. The smoke is never in the room, so no smell :)
  10. Yeah but why not take the easier route and take a step outside toke till your high as shit and go back inside. Showers sort of kill my highs so id much rather smoke all i want without worry and just go inside. Smoking in your parents house is not okay if they don't approve.
  11. The most effective method of smoking in a full bathroom is a Jamaican Hotbox :smoke:.

    Step 1: Gather all of your essential smoking equipment(bong, lighter, weed) keep it simple because remember you have to take it out of your bathroom.
    Step 2: Turn your shower on the hottest it goes.
    Step 3(optional) Put towel under door and have Febreeze ready(I've never used a towel under the door of Febreeze but it cant hurt. But do remember that when you have a towel under your door it will be obvious because the light coming out of the bathroom will not be visible.)
    Step 4: Blaze on:smoke:
    Step 5: Take a shower or pour body wash in the shower because it will make the steam smell good.
    Step 6: Leave bathroom casually :cool:
  12. I'm lucky enough to have both a window and a fan in my bathroom plus it's on the complete opposite side of the house from where everyone else is. Still, I do the following:

    1 - Turn water on HOT, wait for about 5 minutes for the room to become all steamy.
    2 - Put a DAMP towel underneath the door crack (a damp rag will capture any bud smell)
    3 - Pack a bowl small enough to snap with 1 hit
    4 - Take your hit
    PEOPLE WITH A WINDOW - Exhale through a sploof (toilet paper roll stuffed with dryer sheets) out the window.

    PEOPLE WITHOUT A WINDOW - Exhale through a rolled up damp wash cloth into the stream of water (steam captures the smell)

    5 - Put everything away, hidden behind the towel rack, under the sink, etc.
    BEFORE YOU GET INTO THE SHOWER: If you have a window, open it to start the circulation of fresh air, otherwise just turn on your fan before you hop in the shower.

    6 - Take a shower as you would normally but be sure to throw a few squirts of shampoo on the ground of the shower to make the bathroom smell great.
    7 - Enjoy being ripped!
  13. There is no need to use a sploof man. Or opening a window, the steam actually kills all the smell. I even smoke cigars or cigs in the bathroom and its still fine.
  14. Or just buy a vaporstar, that and a mini bong, £25 max, get baked in your room? ;)
  15. I have no window or fan in my shower. :(
  16. 1. Take shower
    2. Dry off
    3. Put clothes on
    4. Go outside
    5. Walk way
    6. Smoke weed
  17. You can still do it, trust me dude. I did everyday before school last school year and my mom always into to my bathroom to use some of sisters stuff, and she never noticed it. Try it its fun. I like to put on music when I do it. Sometimes I trip out in the shower. But back to the topic YOU CAN DO IT!
  18. I am lucky enough to have a bathroom with a door inside my bedroom that also has a door, both with locks. but for people who may not have a window / fan, try doing this and you will not get caught. ive been doing this for 2 years now and have yet to be accused of smoking.

    1) bring with you to the bathroom a lighter, sploof, and a pre-packed bowl if possible (if not just pack it while sitting on toilet)
    2) adjust water to as hot as you can stand it. challenge yourself to shower in pretty hot water because the more steam there is, the more the smelly smoke will be absorbed
    3) literally stand in shower for a few minutes; relax and let steam build up
    4) take 1st hit facing away from shower (water hitting back of shoulders) so your valuables dont get wet :p
    5) hold breath for as long as possible and hold sploof over the bowl so the smoke that floats around after your hit rises straight up through the sploof
    5) blow smoke through a sploof aiming anywhere in the shower but downward, because we all know heat rises, and if you can see it, a lot of steam will gather near ceiling anyway
    6) keep hitting your bowl throughout the shower, and finish it about 5 min before youre done; dont vacuum your bowl so its gone in 30 seconds, and dont wait till you step out to take 2nd hit.
    [in between hits, i recommend setting everything down on the back of the toilet on toilet paper, or a towel so nobody hears the glass on glass clanking]
    > remember to use extra soap
    if you think someone knows your blocking the door with a towel, just say it was the clothes you took off

    when youre drying off, ash your bowl into the toilet (or flush cig butt) and put on deodorant immediately. if you have to walk to your bedroom, wrap your stuff up in your clothes.
    hope this helped :p
  19. You just don't do it at all because its stupid and rude as ---k
  20. ive been doing this forver i have a small house 1 floor 3 bedrooms living room kitchen dining room bathroom all real close u know ranch size home i live with my parents and i just turn the shower on hot open the window, throw a towel under the door and smoke then shower and no one ever smells it and my bathroom is right beside my kitchen/ dining room were one of my parents r always on a laptop

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