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How to Smoke in the Bathroom (No windows)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by skillzthatkillz, Aug 28, 2009.

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    Hello every1. i am highly considering starting to smoke in my bathroom. the only problem is that it has no windows. I DONT HAVE A SPLOOF so how would i go about doing this? How do you guys do it?

    if i were to use a sploof there wud be no trace of smell at all? i question this only b/c the other day i used a sploof and even when i was using it thick smoke was coming out of the other side, i was kind of sick so i couldnt smell the air to see if it smelled like weed.

    P.S. wud using a 1-hitter

    prevent post cherrying and perhaps any smell, if exhaled through a sploof or wud i need to cover that at the end just to be sure?

  2. Make a sploof? Toilet paper roll and dryer sheets my friend. Or a bottle, activated carbon, and air holes.

    Does the bathroom have a suck up fan?
  3. Why is it so hard to make a sploof?

    I highly suggest using a one-hitter though because its easier to prevent post-hit burning ("cherrying")

    You can blow your smoke into an overhead vent (as long as its sucking in, not blowing out), or you can zero your hit, or you can make a sploof, which is so easy.
  4. Make one..

    Turn the shower on hot enough to steam..
    Turn on the fan, which will suck up all the steam and smoke..

    It's kind of an easy concept.
  5. I wouldn't smoke inside with a sploof. That's just me. My parents know I smoke though, they just don't want my room reeking of pot 24/7 lol.
  6. that's what my wife does when she visits her parents and i have never smelled weed when walking by the bathroom while she is in there.
  7. For sure, covers up any sounds that may be made while smoking too. The lighter flicks, any coughs, loud exhales.
  8. i am fairly sure that i dont have dryer sheets in my house and yes their is a suck up fan
  9. Keep the shit smell exhaust fan on, and exhale into the center of something like a towel, with a lot of fibers, compressed enough that the smoke still goes thru it but not easily, so you have to blow pretty hard.

    Just wash it after. You'll literally get resin build up on the towel or whatever you use, if you do this often.

  10. Do you also not have toilet paper? I assume you also don't shake with your left hand...
  11. so just blowing into towels will be ok?

  12. How much are dryer sheets man? Shit just go get some, you should have them for your clothes anyway.
  13. i do have toilet paper(obviously) just not the dryer sheets. how would i use the toiler paper/the roll
  14. just turn on the shower as hot as it will go with the curtain open, and turn on the fan, maybe put a towel down, but thats it
  15. Do the shower thing, but get some lovely smelling shampoo or body wash put it on a wash cloth and put that in the bottom of the shower. It works as an air freshener. :D
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    There is no 100% sure way to get rid of the smell when smoking in your bathroom if it has no window. If your parents know what burning cannabis smells like, then there's a fairly good chance of getting caught I'd say.
  17. You can't pull this off.

    The exhaust fans are linked by ducks with the rest in your house, the smell will travel.

    Your best bet is to place a box fan in the window in your room, then cover the open area on the window that the fan doesnt cover with a pillow. Turn on the fan, then go to your door barefoot. Do you feel air coming in the room at a fast rate? If so, there's your 100% full proof method to not getting caught. (Make sure your AC vents are closed for the same reason as above ^)

    The vacuum that you created in your room will constantly filter in new air and out with the old. Depending on how heavey you smoke, your room won't smell like weed after 3-5mins after you are done smoking. If you sit by the fan and blow directly out, it won't smell like weed at all.

    Also it's pretty impossible for someone outside of your room to smell it unless they openned up your door and walked in.
  18. No. If you are smoking in a room with no windows, its going to be VERY obvious to anyone else who is in the house
  19. ha, i'm gonna do this in my apt, got the same situation as far as bathrrom goes. its gonna be awesome
  20. i am no expert in this field but what you said doesnt seem to make sense. how could the exhaust fans send the smell to other parts of the house? wouldnt that mean that if some1 took a sh** in the bathroom and turned on the switch the smell would travel to the rest of the house? doesnt that defeat the purpose of its intended use?

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