How to smoke in room with minimum lingering odors

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  1. I just moved into my apartment and want to smoke in it often however I am in an illegal state so smoking outside may not be the best option. I know smoke buddies work fantastic but as lazy as this sounds I really would prefer to have a set where I don't have to exhale into it especially when friends are over. I thought about using a carbon scrubber that is used in grow rooms for when I'm smoking with the windows closed. Any tips? Other than using a Vape or smoke buddy? It will obviously smell while I am smoking but how can I minimise the odors for after I smoke?
  2. You can smoke care free or you can smoke smell free. I'm in a condo with neighbors that basically share walls and I just blow smoke out the window usually with a sploof. Smoke that stays inside is always going to smell more nothing you can do about that.
  3. Your absolutely right and in an illegal state I think my answer is simple.
  4. Do you have two windows in your bedroom? If you do, open your windows and cover your doors. If you prefer to smoke in the living room. Turn on the A/C fan and make sure to cover your exit door.
  5. Get a dab pen. Use dabs or buy THC cartridges with an 510 thread ecig battery. Find a plug for dabs they are totally worth it. Or drive out to get THC cartridges if a legal state is near you. Dabs don't smell near as much and, vapor dissipates quickly and, doesn't have any chance of your neighbors catching you.
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  6. bro just light a cigarette to help cover it up or spray shit tons of air spray me personally i light 2 incense sticks in my room when i smoke and my mom never smells it not even when shes in the living room just buy the right scents over time ive learned that flower smells and fruity ones cover it up best
  7. if you do use joss sticks i find Nag Champa just right to help mask smoke from weed ...mac,,
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  8. I use a hepa filter with carbon pre filter and i use an oil diffuser for scent no smome smell and id go for orange ojl citrus is good for smoke smells

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  9. And i get my non smoki g friend to check and he says since ive put it in he cannot smell smoke or anything but oranges in my house i loved my hepa filter so much i put got 2 one for up stairs one for down stairs

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  10. My issue is close to yours, but I’m in a medical only state, and I Do have a medical marijuana card, so I’m ok legally. My issue is, my wife hates the smell so bad it makes her almost sick. So, I had to build a smoking den in my basement, but with central A/C and heat, the smell still gets upstairs. I hate to smoke outside. Just to much to deal with smoking a few hits every hour or so. Plus, I have to much to take out and in, bong, weed jars, grinder, etc. Gotta deal with dark, wind, to hot or cold out, rain, snow, etc. I don’t have any windows down there, so no fan out the window, and I don’t care to burn incense either. Candles are ok, but haven’t found any that work good enough. I’m in a finished basement room about 13’ x 16’ feet in size. I’m ok weekdays while she’s at work, but nights and weekends suck cuz I can’t smoke inside. Blowing smoke out the window with the amount and how often I smoke. Vaping is to wasteful. I tried that already. We both vape regular e ciggs since we quit smoking tobacco 3 years ago. My wife is kinda cool about it cuz it really does help me, but I hate putting her through it. It’s not like she’ll get use to it. The smell really does make her sick. I feel bad. She already puts up with me. Any ideas? I need something on the cheap. I can’t afford expensive air purifiers, etc.
  11. Is it possible to install carbon/HEPA filters in the A/C return vents? That should help stop the smell getting in the rest of the house.

    Good luck!
  12. Unfortunately smoking in the basement, without a window is definitely going to make the house smell because of the smoke rising, is there anywhere on the top floor of the house you could make a little smoking area that has a window? If so, close the door to that room, get a window fan that has an exhaust option (or a regular one and just turn it facing outside) and smoke next to that and blow your smoke through the fan, that will send most of the smoke out of the house and cut down on smell, but since cannabis is such a pungent plant it is going to be hard to hide the smell entirely. I am also an NJ mmj patient but luckily my fiance is a patient as well so the smell is welcome in our home
  13. Hmm, Great idea, I will look into this for sure. Thanks
  14. Don't exhale
  15. Yeah, that’s gunna be hard, small house 900 square feet with only extra room being our 3rd bedroom/office or the bathroom which are both right next to her bedroom. I say “her” bedroom cuz I sleep in the living room due to my back and having a special setup there for me. Anyway, I’m looking into venting the basement room I made just for smoking with a high powered exhaust system using flexible ductwork. Also reading here yesterday after joining this forum about Ozium spray and a few other things I can try in the meantime. I see candles that claim to mask or eliminate weed smell. I’ll find something that works. This is still very new to me, only had my MMP card 1 month now. Find something to help cut it down and maybe wife can get use to it in time.

    Thanks for your help, window fan seems to be my best bet.
  16. Cheapo carbon filtet 4inch and a cheap 4 inch fan go smoke turn it on blow ya smoke into it and it should stop the smell at least stop it alot and any citrus smells work to stop smoke smells

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  17. Hello Loki,
    I ran into this company when attending a convention in Boston. They make a few different smoke smell concealing products.
    kushley - Bing
  18. I was just reading reviews on the Smoke Buddy. For about $20 bucks online for the Smoke Buddy Mega, I think it’s worth a try. At least for times when just a hit or 2 will do the job at night. Backed up with Ozium and a candle. Temporary fix, but something I gotta try. I’ll check that link posted above too. Thanks
  19. With a carbon filter i have running 24 hours a day keep smells from growing escapin to the point you dont smell a thing if i take the carbon filter away in 2 mins the while house will smell of cannabis.

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  20. Can you give me a link online to something close to what your using? I’m very handy with building stuff, if I can see what your using, I’m sure I can make something up that could work. Just need to see to get the idea. Thanks

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