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How to smoke in an amusement park tutorial.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dezzertsundae, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I recently had a trip to the local theme park, and of course had to get high. I left the park with a few things learned. This probably won't be too useful, but I just thought I would lend a helping hand to those who didn't already know this information.

    1. The best way to go about it is bringing edibles, which we did. However, my firecrackers didn't exactly go as planned. They worked, but not as effectively as I had hoped. Bring a few joints in case they don't work, or just make sure they work before you go.

    2. Next best way is to leave the park and smoke in the parking lot or somewhere outside the park. Arguably the best way if edibles aren't made available to you.

    3. You can also just go to the designated smoking areas and toke up, but you gotta act casual. Even if there are cameras, they won't know it's a joint/blunt. Only thing you have to worry about is smell. If you're really worried about it, have a friend smoke a cigarette while you're smoking the joint, and just smoke half the joint and let him have the other half. I wanted to do this, but my cousin was too paranoid. You can also just spray after you smoke, but it might be suspicious. This idea in general isn't a bad one if no one's in the smoking area.

    3. The least recommended but successful way is smoking a joint on a ride. My cousin and I were forced to do this because I lost our tickets, and the firerackers didn't hit us hard enough. We decided to go on a ride called Delta Flyer, which transports you from one side of the park to the other. Basically just that skiing ride. Many amusement parks have these, and if you must, I recommend smoking on this ride. Most parks I've been to have it, but if they don't well then you'll just have to find the next best thing. I recommend you bring a backpack to hold your spray and other weed accessories. We basically just lit the joint, bent down to take our hits, and sprayed about halfway into the ride. The ride actually lasts a decent amount of time, so don't panic to stash the joint or spray yourself/the air. If you want to know how long it lasts, just take time of the ride starting and finishing. Get enough hits before you stash it. Just smoke it as fast you can, giving you more time to spray. You should also wear sunglasses while doing this and chew gum. If you don't have sunglasses, just put the eyedrops in after you get off. We had to go on this ride numerous times because my cousin kept putting the joint out for eyedrops and spray before we could get enough hits. It won't take long to spray yourself/the air or put the gum in your mouth, so if you're worried about your eyes just do it after you get off. Nobody will give a fuck about your red eyes anyway most likely. Here's the ride:


    And that's basically how it's done. :smoking:
  2. greatest ttutorial ever, lol no jk but it really is great i smoked on a floarty tube ride once and it ended up getting wet so i stopped. but oh well i will definently do this next time
  3. I should do it at Disneyland before I go into the new 3D Star Tours or It's A Small World

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