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How to smoke in a dorm

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GiraffeVenom, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. So I know there must be posts on this already on here about this but I go to a small college and I have a single dorm. I'm on the top floor of the dorm building and I have one window that faces a back road where a parking lot is. I don't have a single bathroom, the bathroom is shared by everyone on the floor. And I'm on the other end of the hall from my RA. My RA is chill but there is a strict no tolerance policy and those caught have the cops called, not a legal state sadly, decriminalized but not legal. Anywho what's the best way to smoke and not be caught in my dorm?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  2. Sounds like a really bad idea - hate seeing someone risk their education for something that can so easily be avoided.
  3. [quote name="xdog" post="19398895" timestamp="1390587716"]Sounds like a really bad idea - hate seeing someone risk their education for something that can so easily be avoided.[/quote] So then if not my dorm what do you suggest?
  4. dude in college we had it down..If you have an Army surplus store near you, go there, and buy a gas mask filter.  Those round green ones that screw onto gas masks.  We would just pack single hits, pull the whole hit through, and exhale through the filter.  Not the slightest bit of smoke or smell..
  5. I wouldnt even risk it. Do you smoke blunts or joints? Roll one and smoke while taking a stroll.  :confused_2:
  6. Some things a man just has to figure out for himself.
  7. The best way to smoke in a dorm is....not to smoke in a dorm. Seriously dude. It's not worth getting expelled and possibly criminal charges. Go outside, off campus if possible. If that's too much of a hassle, get a small vaporizer. It'll smell way less, so it'll be easier to cover.
  8. Step 1. Smoke
    Step 2. Don't give a fuck about what anyone else thinks, it's a dorm.
  9. #9 Jingo Dookstain, Jan 24, 2014
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    He should give a fuck what everyone else thinks BECAUSE it's a dorm. One fuck up and there goes your education that you're paying so much for.
    Fuck that. Take a walk and smoke.
    Edit: My friend, we'll call him Adam, got kicked out for possession alone.
  10. I think he already does not give much of a fuck because if he truly gave a fuck he would know that this question has been asked millions of times and the answers never change.
    The only way to avoid detection is to be discreet.
    Use a spoof (sploof or whatever the fuck kids call it these days), a glass bowl (easy to cover after lighting) and blow it out the window.
    My dorm in first year didn't even have windows that opened and yet I was still able to toke everyday without my roommate or RA knowing by following this discreet method.
    The great thing about this method is that it's modifiable. Follow your intuition on these sorts of things and you'll be fine  :smoke: 
    All the best, :bongin:
  11. Go off campus if possible and smoke.
  12. [quote name="TheKurupted" post="19399684" timestamp="1390597768"]I think he already does not give much of a fuck because if he truly gave a fuck he would know that this question has been asked millions of times and the answers never change.[/quote]No one needs a smart ass. I did say I know it's been asked but I want an answer specific to me. And going on a walk is sort of hard in 10 degree weather with a town right off campus.
  13. You have 2 options. Stay in the dorm or leave. Or the dreaded 3rd option: don't smoke. What else can anyone say?
  14. Smoke in your dorm bro. Fuck it. Getting kicked out and owing thousands for a wasted semester is worth a nice sesh in your bed.

    Really though. Go outside or skip it.
  15. Okay well where outside is a good place to smoke on a campus? And I assume I would have to smoke a joint/blunt?
  16. Are your vents connected? If not then you toke with the windows closed with no problamo.
  17. There's usually a "smoke spot" on every campus. Just gotta find it. The university I went to had a spot on the train tracks where everyone went to blaze.
  18. As a former RA and past/current stoner, don't smoke in your room. It's college and everyone knows what weed smells like, including your RA. I was chill, but if I got complaints, I had to check the room out (not dig through shit, but open the door and be like 'sup?') Get an MFLB or small vaporizer or smoke somewhere else. Smoking in your room is asking for trouble. I know everybody claims to have the best idea on how to hide smoke, but the best way is to just not make any in the first place. Don't risk your education over combustion, but rather ensure your graduation with vaporization. I wanted that last sentence to sound cooler, but whatever.
  19. I agree with the OP above. Order yourself a portable vape, maybe a vapepen since you can claim it to be an Ecig, which they also do so it's not a lie. Get a vape and a smokebuddy, which will filter the vapor even more, and blow it all out the window. Come on you are going to college,thought you were smart, lol, just playing mate. If you want to be stealthy and discreet, your best option would be a vaporizer. Anyways, they use less weed and us college students be poor am I right? 
    If all else fails, guess you are gonna have to take a walk in this weather. Good luck  :smoking:
  20. Two more excellent points you brought up: using the smoke buddy for extra security and the fact that vaping saves you a lot of money. You'd be surprised how long you can make your weed stretch with a vape.

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