How to Smoke Hash lowkey?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Guerrilla96, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, not sure if this is the right place to post this but I've just been wondering.

    At the moment I've got some hash that I have been BTing, however due to the circumstances I'd prefer something smaller and more concealable that still yields the same efficiency as a BT. Having a massive plastic bottle with a hole in it that reeks of dank isn't really great for me. I was wondering if using a pipe or some other small device that I could easily hide would get me as high as a BT would. I tried rolling it with tobacco, ended up using like 4x more than I would for a BT but definitely wasn't as efficient at getting me high.

  2. Just look around the local head shop for a really small single hit hash pipe.. I had one for years made from a .45 bullet shell..
    My current hash pipe at the grow site.. Some all thread and clear tubing lengthened this 3 incher to something a bit easier to handle..
    Quarter snuff cap for size comparison..

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  3. bt?..

    take a look at a chillum or bat( pending on region). it could be what your looking for.
  4. Just eat it

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  5. Straight raw

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  6. I've done it before and I was so damn high

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  7. go to the gas station and get a sneak a toke a mushroom pipe or a spark plug pipe when your not using it put it in a tin box you can get those at a baking store for like a buck then put it in your closet somewhere discrete add your smokables a lighter and you have everything you need in one little box thats what i did when i was a kid
  8. 3/8's allthread to be exact :)
  9. This is random af but i remember reading about people eating hash as a paste and getting fucked up on wine all the time. Lol i looked it up and its from the 1850s, people done been eating hash for a while now haha
  10. Yeah hahah I read that too! The day I ate the hash I google so many stuff to see if anyone else has done it and gotten high. I came across that article as well.

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  11. I would smoke hash using a glass steam roller with a screen. Always worked for me....a little hard on the throat, but you do what you gotta do. :)
  12. Atmos junior .... Small and gets the job done. Control the heat and you get nice tasty hits

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