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How to smoke BHO

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by EyeSmokeTrees, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. My local deal has some hash oil and was think about getting some but dont want to pay 150-200 for a pipe that is for just oil only.
    Anyone have any cheep ideas? I do have a normal pipe for bud any ideas would be great I want to get some for the holiday
  2. My favorite way to do this is to get a pipe screen(I took mine from a sink faucet lol) and put some bud in there and smoke it till it leaves a cashed bowl. Next put a little dab of oil on the ash and light up. It doesn't taste bad at all and is a very efficient way of using bho
  3. Why wouldn't you just put the oil on the bud? Lmao, what's the point with the ash.
  4. :smoking::smoking:on top of weed of course

    melts into the weed makes a nice bowl :cool:
  5. 1: you need a pin/needle - or pull the spring out of a pen, works just as well.

    2: you a need a toker/funnel - i make mine from the excess cardboard on the pack my papers come in but any bit of card will do so long as it can be rolled into a tight funnel.
    having papers helps because if you roll your card up and wrap a paper around it it holds together hell of a lot better.

    3: heat up a butter knife (or any flat metal utensil) on the element on your stove.

    4: dip your pin/spring in the oil, collect a nice little spot for yourself on the end - stick the funnel in your mouth - take that hot knife and sizzle it on the oil and toke for your life!

    true oil spot, taste is amazing and gets you extra wasted because knives burn hotter than your average lighter. :smoking:
  6. The whole point of making bho is to separate the thc from the plant matter. Why would you just throw them back together. Pointless... use your brain next time
  7. cheapest way is a hookah charcoal. not the best but cheap
  8. you can get little oil rigs at headshops and other places for 30 bucks hell my dealer smokes bho way more then flower and uses a 30 dollar piece that is about as big as an can of febreeze! or you can always top bowls with flower under it (i suggest it)
  9. I've been topping bowls with it and vaping it in my Buddha.

  10. 100% best (my favourite) method.
  11. Yeah but putting them back together has to be so much better because its more concentrated.
  12. No it's not your making a higher smoke to thc ratio by putting it on weed.

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