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How to smoke at home and hide the smell! [GUIDE]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AsianPotHead, May 12, 2010.

  1. Actually, a really thick sploof can trap a good load of the smoke and smell, but will still reek if someone were to walk in right after.

    Ozium is the shit, so hard to find it though.
  2. So I was reading this thread, and getting pretty annoyed about some of the stupid things people were going on about, so much that I had to join gc.

    I'm 18, I've been smoking for 5 years, I've smoked in my house upwards of 1000 times. Many times my parents have walked in on me and I haven't been caught.

    I have a couple methods, and they have all served me well.

    Also, before I go into detail a universal tip for any method is to make sure your bowl doesn't freeburn after you're done taking a hit. Don't smoke joints either. Freeburning smoke stinks a WHOLE lot more than the stuff that comes out of your mouth, it essentially defeats the purpose of using a sploof, so don't do it.

    The first and best method:
    Blow it out the god dammed window.

    You can't stink up your room if theres no smoke, get a hose if you want to be a sketchbag about it, there's no need for a sploof because that'll just make it harder to put the smoke outside.

    OR you could...
    Smoke in your bathroom, use a sploof and run the shower after.

    I personally keep the fan OFF until I'm done smoking, make sure your fan doesn't vent the smoke to another bathroom before hand.

    The shower kills ALL the smell, and if you keep the fan off the room steams up real good, steam kills the smell, It doesn't make it last longer.

    Then there's:
    Hotboxing your bedsheets.

    I shit you not, it works. Just don't let any smokes out from under your covers and it'll be gone in an hour or so. Which also leads me to say that pot smoke doesn't last, the stink goes away pretty quickly, you should never worry about coming home stoned unless you just boxed someones room 5 minutes ago and walk in totally fried. Smoke isn't all the same. That's a ridiculous thing to say.

  3. Lmao, Not if you know how to make one correctly,

  4. After a while they still leak smell. I mean, if you want to make a new one every sesh then it won't but who the hell buys that many dryer sheets...
  5. I just smoke in my room with a long ass sploof, incense (important!), and whatever unhealthy thing im using to smoke marijuana... (i need some parafenalia), but i just light my incense, toke, blow into sploof, spray axe as a precautionary measure... and listen to oldschool(real) hip hop =)
    this is my first post on Grasscity...WHADDUP...
  6. I get in the bathroom, turn the shower on super hot. Let the bitch steam up. Open a window and toke.. normally when I smoke at home its not a lot, because I'm a paranoid lil twit. Then, shower down, lots of body washes (Axe works well :)). Just smell it up w some good natural shower stuffs.. usually keep my piece at the windowsil so the smell will come off a lil...

    I only do this when I can't go out thoughhh... can't enjoy a high when you're all paranoid about hiding it :bolt:

  7. lmao!!! ghosting is soo damn bad for you. when you hold it in for that long a whole lot more tar gets in your system
  8. yoooo whattup so yeah i always wanted to come on this site faded, anyways i was wanting to smoke weed this lovely night, but we got a typhoon, so i came across this. I was like im scared maybe it wont work but then i really wanted to try it - i have my step dad (chinese) my mom (white and bro overdosed on drugs) and my step grandma whose like 90 and chinese. I follow all the steps at the top and man it worked perfect, i smoked a bowl out an apple, and now im listening to snoop and nate. i ate half the apple the rest i gotta trash in the big can. oh shit here comes my parents haha jk. to summarize without my hgih ass ranting - IT WORKS PERFECT(then again its kinda a it works perfect or fails horribly thing)
  9. better tar than crack:wave:
  10. Amazing post, also maybe shower while smoking? Sounds kinda weird I know but my shower is one of those that's also a tub so half of it doesn't even get wet. The shower curtain can direct the smoke off the bowl (if any) towards the vent while immediately getting soaked in the steam :yay:
  11. sploofs are a waste of time, just blow hits out the window, much easier
  12. [quote name='"weirdfish"']sploofs are a waste of time, just blow hits out the window, much easier[/quote]

    Better safe than sorry I always say.
    Personally I just smoke in my garage at night and just let the smell dissipate over night. It is drafty enough in their to work. I also spray it down with febreeze just to be safe.

  13. sounds like me, been doing this for about a year now, easy to not get caught if your smart about it, e.g wait for a time where there is no chance of anyone walking in. your bong won't be found if you keep it clean so it doesn't smell, the mistake I made :p
  14. just rubber band a dryer sheet to a toilet paper tube... exhale into it when you take a hit
  15. The shower method isn't very good.

    1.) The sound of a bong being hit and cleared will sound very distinct from running water that is making a continuous sound (if you are not in the shower and the water isn't hitting your body then it will just be a stream that sounds the same the whole time). A bong has a deep "chug" type sound, where as the shower is a higher "hiss" type sound.

    2.) So, assuming that you are actually going to take a shower, this means that in order to avoid any suspicion that you would have to rush your shower and your smoke. You would have to smoke a bowl or two in a very short amount of time and then you would take a shower and have to make that short as well so you aren't in there for like 30 minutes. I don't know about you, but I'd much rather enjoy a shower than just try to get it done quickly.

    3.) Taking a shower drains a lot of your high. If you are really high and then take a shower, by the time you get out you will feel a lot less high. If you do this every time you smoke then you might as well be paying for more weed because you are smoking more to feel the same high. Trust me on this one. It's like you are getting high just to sober yourself up.

    4.) This method doesn't really work for everyone. People who only shower once a day would only be able to smoke once during the day, and usually this is before they go to work. Schedule wise, I could see this work for someone who likes to wake-and-bake, but like I said, not for everybody.
  16. Don't help people stealth smoke at all

    get of your fucking lazy ass and take 10 fucking steps to go outside...

    is it really that fucking hard? And then people don't undestand why people say stoners are so stupid and lazy

  17. Don't try to sploof it under any other conditions than this. I know that just sploofing it alone isn't enough to completely hide the smell even if you blow it out the window.

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