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How to smoke at home and hide the smell! [GUIDE]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AsianPotHead, May 12, 2010.

  1. thats not an option for the majority of people
  2. Fixed it for you, and when did I say it was a 'majority' opinion. I speak for myself, but I'd be willing to bet most homeowners would agree that they have a right to control what goes on in THEIR house ;)

  3. So people around 18 that still live at home are children?
  4. If they aren't mature enough to have an honest discussion with their parents about it, then yes they are. That's all I'm saying. Obviously I don't think smoking pot is wrong. What's wrong is lying.

  5. Yes and I agree, but most parents won't just let their son or daughter (still living in their house) smoke an illegal drug.
    Well mine won't :eek:
  6. Mine wouldn't either so I respected their wishes and didn't smoke in their house. Pretty easy huh? :)
  7. children =/= people? wut?
  8. :rolleyes: You know exactly what I meant. If you don't then I can't help you with your comprehension skills.
  9. If your a "Smoker" and DON'T! currently own a bottle of this stuff?!? :confused: Your missing out :D

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  10. I'm still living at home, my parents are well aware of my smoking habits, but i be respectful and smoke outside. lol. outside > smoking in your room then spending 30 mins covering up the evidence.(i remember being 14 lol)
  11. So, did you just go for a walk and smoke? How did you store your pounds of pot? Or where there better hiding spots when you where a kid, about 3000 years ago ;)?
  12. Good sir,

    Where might I purchase this product
  13. I had a shed in the woods for storage of pounds, and yes I did go outside to smoke. Later I had my friend Dave's house to cure and store in.
  14. iPurchased mines at one of those cellphone shops that sell multiple carrier phones. The people that run it are young Arabians that sell other things there a swell like jewelry,incense, ya know ghetto useless ish :D

  15. Oh, I see I see. Sounds pretty cool.
  16. I think that's a bit overkill if your going to be smoking in the bathroom, i do it that way for my bedroom tho...

    if your in the bathroom just exhale up into the extraction fan... voila no smell! If you have a bathroom that doesn't get used very often then use that one, mine is downstairs away from where my family hang out. and the smell of deoderant is not suss in a bathroom so spray as much as you want
  17. do it in the bathroom where vent is at and just exhale towards vent, then spray some deodorizer and viola
    plus it helps to keep ac on high just so air flow is increased for increased venting.

    but that bounce sheets in toilet roll, sploof, thing sounds interesting, will give it a try soon as i get some damn it!!
  18. smoke your bong then take a big shit .:eek:
  19. I actually lolled, will try!
  20. People, people, people!!!! You all are dissapointing me... this is supposed to be the experienced stoner thread... dont kid yourselves... sploofs do nothing other than mask the scent....steamy shower is a pain in the ass and doesnt eliminate the odor entirely..... There is only one product i have used that is a surefire way of eliminating the smell of cannabis, both burnt and unburnt.... OZIUM... get that shit on amazon or whatever.. but lemme tell u... once u spray it... the weed smell will be gone!

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