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How to smoke at home and hide the smell! [GUIDE]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AsianPotHead, May 12, 2010.

  1. you could just open the window in your room, lean out a bit and take a hit and exhale outside. then just grab a bottle of some good smelling ozium and bam, your room doesn't smell. turn a fan on and let it air out your room for a bit, won't seem strange at all. just my input though
  2. It seems there are a lot of misinformed people in here.

    Ghosting a hit does nothing to your lungs that normal smoking wouldn't, BUT, it has an affect on your brain. You breathe to give your brain and lungs oxygen to operate, if the lungs are filled with smoke and you are not inhaling any more oxygen, you are now depriving your brain of food & or Oxygen.

    Once you do this, the brain starts killing off cells, which are non replaceable.
  3. nice guide but i predict that it will not be stickied. i think it caters too much to underage smokers and would therefore be questionable to the mods. i mean seriously what adult can't just go outside or hotbox his car?
  4. yes ghosting does kill braincells but the way you presented it is actually misinformation. it does not kill any amount that would not be even close to hurting your brain function or anything like that.
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    When did I say anything like that? I never gave an amount of brain cells it kills, I just said it kills brain cells, which it does.

    The information I posted is credible, like it or not.

    Holding in smoke for more than 2-3 seconds is nothing but pointless. What people fail to realize is that WHILE your taking a bong hit, the smoke is sitting in your lungs. It has already been proved over and over that THC is absorbed extremely quickly.

    By holding in your smoke to ghost it, you are letting all the extra smoke stick to your lungs, to be coughed up tomorrow morning. On top of that you cause Oxygen Deprivation, which is a legitimate medical problem.

    The only reason you feel higher when the hit is exhaled after 20 seconds, is because your brain sucks in a large amount of blood and oxygen after you INHALE, giving your body a slight rush feeling.
  6. Or you could just set up a fan in the window and do none of what you just said.
  7. I just smoke near my window and use a bowl i do put a blanket under my door because i smoke cigs and dont want to share the smell of that. even if some smoke gets in Its covered by the smell of me smokin a cig. Although one time my mom asked me if she smelt it she doesnt really care as a large number of ppl in my extended family openly smoke it and I am 19 and have stayed out of trouble my whole life.
  8. Or, the easiest thing to do that nobody ever thinks of, is step outside your door, and walk down the street hitting a joint/bowl. Now, I know if you live in a city/highly populated area this may not be as easy, but if you live in a town like I do in a residential area, there should be no problem going behind your house or down the street to smoke a joint.

    People just always get sketched out about the smell, and want to do all these different tricks and things to be able to smoke in their house. Why not do it so you don't have to worry about the smell? Here are the simple steps:

    1. Get your joint/bowl and lighter (cigarette optional, I bring one)
    2. Open your door and walk out (If you're over 18, you should be able to leave the house when you want to without an explanation, but if for some reason you wouldn't be allowed to, try and be quiet)
    3. Walk to your backyard or down the street
    4. Smoke
    5. Return really baked and with no pot smell in the house!
  9. If you cant smoke inside, go outside. if you CAN smoke inside, Do it, but dont defy your parents wishes if you are young, follow their rules and regulations while you are in their house, Smoky.:smoke:


    it kills your high
  11. ANOTHER OPTION TO THIS : Just smoke a joint and if your parents give you shit for smoking in the house, show them the Union Video, they wont have anything bad to say about kush after that ;)

  12. I find taking a shower enhances my high, the feeling of the water hitting your back is like a massage, it's awesome, I don't understand how it could kill your high, it just intensifies mine.
  13. Same thing as eating, it just calms me down enough to make me sober.

    A lot of people that I personally know think the same :smoke:
  14. i know, it feels great, but it does sober you up
  15. I love smoking in the shower, no one bothers you and there is nothing better than being able to rip your bong naked in a hot and steamy shower.
    Try it and you will not be disappointed.
  16. The secret, ladies and gentlemen, is window fans. Faced outside of course, creates a suction all you have to do is blow the hit semi towards the fan and it will suck it right up, never even been questioned for it smelling. If your really paranoid ad an inscent by the door and your golden. Smoked a joint in here the other day, zero smell after.
  17. i dont post much but when i do, its because i know exactly what im talking about. i used to smoke in the morning before school like everyday. ive even done this with my parents in the next room... all you have to do is follow theese steps
    1. steam up your shower( i turn it all the way to hot and let showerhead go for 2 min.)
    2. turn on your vent.
    3.toke up with whatever but when exhaling blow into vent. (ive done this with half smoked blunts before)
    4. either hop in the shower or pour bodywash and shampoo on shower floor and have the hot water running on it. (this is a really crucial part to the process as it gets rid of the weed smell and replaces it with normal shower smells)
    5. if you have strong smelling deodoraant or anything else, put it on. (even a facewash would work)
    6. brush your teeth or use mouth wash. (leaves bathroom with a minty fresh smell)

    anyone who says this cant be done because the steam will make the smell more intense, doesnt follow steps 4 0r 5.

    emergency situations:
    if i ever have doubts that my bathroom smells, i just get windex and wipe the mirrors. this helps with the smell dramatacly. you can even go as far as giving your bathroom floor a quick mop
  18. very good steps aside from tin foil lol. i think you should always buy screens, they're real cheap. if you need to use it for a makeshift bowl you can do that and just put a screen in it :)
  19. I hope you all get caught by your parents. If you want to smoke in their house man up and ask for permission :)

  20. Ghosting does mess up your lungs, a normal hit is about 5 seconds. Anything past around 15 seconds, turns to tar inside your lungs.

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