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How to Smoke an Oil Cartridge Without A Pen

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by earlsweatshirt, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. Yo, so i have a full ass oil cartridge but i just found out that my pen has a burnt coil. So how the hell do I smoke the oil without my pen?
  2. Coils don't burn out in batteries. The coil Burns out at the cartridge.

    Your not supposed to smoke a disposable pen like a blunt.

    Now your cart is ruined. Only way is to empty it into a new cart that isn't burnt. don't smoke it or your just asking for trouble.
  3. Yea im fully aware of how and how not to use a disposable pen, However i didnt know the part about the batteries coil not burning thanks for that. I was getting the burnt hits from the very first hit with the cartride, is there a posibility that its the pen?
  4. You need to get a new pen.
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  5. Ok thats what i thought, ive ordered a new one! Thanks
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  6. I disagree that it's not your battery pen and that it is your cartiridge being faulty. Ah well
  7. It happened with a brand new cartridge tho, is there a possibility that it could be the pen?
  8. I doubt it's the battery. Does it light up when you press the button?

    Brand new carts are known to not perform . People don't understand these carts are worth about a dollar and they cost manufacturers nothing to make. They pump alot of these cheap carts from China and a result is burnt/leaky carts.

    You can't use modded coils for co2 as it's a different viscosity and so on. Some day maybe
  9. Most people avoid buying full 1 ml carts for the reason I posted above. It's hard to not have a cart start leaking/burning

    They can't be out in hit temperature. Keep carts vertical, tip them on the side for a prolonged time it can leak. Take smaller tokes from carts, excessive heat on a cart coil will help burn the wicks. Burnt wicks essentially ruin the whole pen
  10. I've been using the same disposable pen for about a year, it just stopped working. Carts rarely fail, we get maybe 2 out of 10000 returned here at our shop.the batteries/pen are usually the culprit. Sometime a simple tweak can fix it, other times you just need a new pen. I'd suggest the newer version of pen which allows you to control temp and get the most out of your carts, they should be realeasing soon. Companies will start switching the carts over to be a liable for this pen as well.
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  11. Yeah, it was the cartridge
  12. Sorry to hear. How did you figure it was the cartridges? Hopefully you got a refund.
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  13. I ordered the same pen brand new and when i tried the same cartrdige on the new pen i was still getting all the burnt taste and everything
  14. My pleasure.

    Maybe if people listen to me they would save money. Maybe I should stop giving advice. I love talking to myself at night.

    I crushed this thread days ago .
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  15. break open the cartridge aND POUR THE OIL OVER SOME GROUND BUD AND MIX IT. Snoop Dogg's caviar
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  16. I can bet you it was not by reading my response. Ah well...
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  17. You should if you're going to be a child about it. You were right, congrats. Want a joint?
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  18. I guess it will going to work.
  19. Yeah I'm the friggin best!!!!! @Allofthemtaken

    Faaaaaaaa sho'!

    N keep ya joint. It ain't good enough for this mofo.

    ....cus I'm a winner...*cough* whinner hahaha.

    Dislike this one too ya bitch. I never even attacked you. Now your exposed. No sweat off my balls . Just another rook that doesn't like being wrong.

    Mic drop.

    Rolling on the floor laughing my potatoes off
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  20. The only person you exposed is yourself :laughing: Very nice insults, did you think of them at recess? :smoke:
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