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How to smoke a joint properly...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stephen987, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. I know this may seem a stupid question to ask, but I want to get as high as possible on 2 or 3 joints, which is around 2 grams. I know, you inhale, exhale, etc. What would be a good way to get you totally blitzed on that amount of weed? I'm pretty sure I'm a super light weight, I can stay high for like 7 hours almost each time...
  2. If you're smoking that joint by yourself, then just holding your smoke in for 5 seconds, which is the usual amount of time, then you're going to get blazed.

    Getting baked first thing in the morning is the best feeling ever, and I find that I usually stay high the longest, because that's when I have the least worries on my mind. 7 Hours is still a hell of a high though.
  3. no shit dude, i would love to be high for 7 hours. shrooms wont even get me fucked up for 7 hours.
  4. if you're concerned about getting as high as possible with a given amount of weed, dont smoke joints, man.
  5. doublewrap them it makes them burn slower take as big of a hit as u can then when ur about to cough hold it for like 5 sec then give the joint a bit to cool down ull know when its good cuz itl stop smokin but still glow just a bit then repeat ull be blaaaazed
  6. Inhale, hold for 5-7 seconds, repeaat.
  7. Double wrap it? Won't that mean I'll just get more paper smoke, as well as it making it burn slower, meaning that it doesn't really work? Or, does it actually work? Lol, I'm a noob...

  8. it will work, you'll just get more paper smoke
  9. How about triple wrapping it? Will that work, or will the paper smoke just burn my throat?
  10. when you inhale take in lots of air with it, suck air and smoke into your lungs then inhale lots of
    air on top of it to fill your lungs up

    ..then exhale as smoothly as you can and quite slowly.

    that way you don't need to hold your breath and it'll make you well stoned :hello:
  11. im pretty sure the whole 2 paper thing i false. i was always told that the more paper on the jay, the faster it burns and i also think that it would make it harsher. im not positive though. if your rollin 2-3 then one paper a piece is enough anyway.
  12. Alright, this sounds good. I'll try it tonight. Thanks for the quick replies.
  13. double wrapping is gross tastes like you're smoking a book.
  14. If you have such a low tolerance, for your own sake, don't smoke 2 grams to yourself just for the hell of it. You don't need to binge smoke to get very high.
  15. ^^ yeah I agree. Just go with the feeling, have a few tokes and if you're feeling high just enjoy it won't get any higher smoking more, you'll just use your weed up faster
  16. I know how high I am when I'm high. When I start hallucinating, then I know I've smoked just the right amount, and that's definitely not going to happen on 2 grams.
  17. with that amount you'll probably get higher with hot knives
  18. That's a new one...not being done til you're to the point of hallucinations.
  19. Lol what do you mean by that? I'm clueless...
  20. If you're referring to my post, I feel (and I think most would agree) that considering yourself "done" when you start to trip is an irresponsible, and quite frankly immature, use of marijuana. It gives smokers a bad rep. Think of it like you only drink with the intention of blacking/passing out?

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