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How to smoke a joint in your room and not get caught

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ganjagod69, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. #1 ganjagod69, Nov 16, 2014
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    So, I smoke my pipe every night out my window. I turn my fan on, put clothes on front of the door, and open my window. I light the bowl and smoke, then blow out the window. My question is, should I do the same thing with a joint. I mean, the joint makes more smoke, so I don't know how I would pull it off. Any advice? Thanks!

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  2. If you don't have a screen you can have the joint completely out the window, maybe behind the wall on the outside so the smoke coming off the joint doesn't blow in, and you'll have to keep your head out the window to toke the joint.
  3. i used to take my screen off, but it's hard as hell to put back in high. And it's loud too.

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  4. Can't smoke in your room, the smell WILL linger, no way around that. bathroom? it will still escape

    have the joint outside a window and blow the smoke out, if you can't do that, you can't smoke a joint
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    Honestly i wouldn't dare smoke a joint in a room if i was concerned about getting caught. Even with me toking it out of the window. Considering your stuff is dank.. not a good idea..
  6. Dont forget the smell of the smoke thats been most likely dragging against your fingertips . Wash your hands lol.
  7. Exactly... its just too many factors. Not worth the risk and even if you could pull it off.. How would you even enjoy your high with so many things to worry about.
  8. I think I might just sneak outside

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  9. Hotboxing the shower works really well. Turn the hot water on. Once it starts steaming, light up. The smoke and steam cancel each other out.

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  10. Not a good idea. Consider investing in a MFLB. It's not smell proof, but with practice and knowledge it's extremely easy to hide the smell and it helps conserve weed. Great price, too.

    "Aye man how's my driving?"

    "Uhh I think we're parked man..."
  11. smoking joint/bong smell will linger for hours no matter what you do. vaporizer on the hand will have burnt popcorn smell that doesn't linger too long
  12. You don't. Joints and blunts reek.
  13. Dont smoke js inside unless you dont need to hide the smell. Bottom line
  14. Ok guys. I snuck outside and smoked the joints, and came back in and played xbox! Thanks for all the replies

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    I done it for a whole summer and into the fall once with huge success do what you've been doing but keep the joint near the window between hits and spray a lot of frabreeze after every hit or two. Leave the window open for a bit after the session is finished
  16. thanks man I appreciate it. MMFWCL homie! Whoop whoop!

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  17. Every troll knows smoking 2 joints cancels each other out.
    no problem MCL
  19. #19 CanadianOrganic, Nov 19, 2014
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    Lmfao, that's so much work to smoke a j. I'd rather just sneak outside; when I was living with my parents the paranoia of them smelling and coming up to tweak on me was too much.
    My step-dad smokes weed, but I just wasn't allowed to smoke in the house.
  20. #20 IAmLucid, Nov 19, 2014
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    When I lived with my parents, I would smoke bongs,pipes and joints and the smell would be gone in about 1-2 hours while parents were at work. I just put a towel under my door, opened my window and that's it. I heard some sprays had alcohol in them and it would make it stink even worse and I wasn't sure if it was true or not so I just didn't use it until I only had like 20 minutes left until they got home. I guess the next best thing would be to light scented candles if you have any while you are toking and leave them burning for 1 or more hours. I had a pretty small room so it may be different for you. Oh ya, and after I was done smoking I would blow the smoke away with a fan and then open my door to let it air out more while having my balcony door swung open xD. One time, I had a nice bong sesh at midnight having the door closed without opening it while my mom was home and the smell wasn't gone when I woke up. She never said anything though, so the smell probably stayed in my room but then again she smoked weed herself so she didn't care.

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