How to smoke a Bong

Discussion in 'General' started by Jodi, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. Just today picked up the new bong, and got the water in it, and some smoke in it, w/ a filter, and trying to get a toke, and its not cooking the weed, whats up?? Please HELP
  2. Light the weed in the bowl and wait for it to fill up with smoke, then remove the bowl and clear the smoke.
  3. wtf i do not understand what you're saying.
  4. thats awesome man, nice thread hahaha.

    just explain what the problem is better, are you pullin air thru the bong via your mouth?
  5. I think, by far, this is the funniest thing i've read all day. Thanks for making my day today. Just suck up through the mouthpeice, and hold the lighter above the bowl. The air will cause the flame to be sucked inside of the bowl, thus cause the smoke to fill the chamber, filtered by the water.
  6. Jodi, i want you to know you're my new favorite GC member.

    GC, we have a baby stoner to teach everything we know to :D
  7. Thanks all so much, I guess I got the hang of that pretty quick,
  8. jodi you are a blessing for my failing eyesight :D
  9. LMAO, except now, hubby wont wake up, and I cant find where he hid the bong, grrrr
  10. how much weed are you suppose to put into top of bong, and tight/loose, alot or a little

    ...and how much water is best???

    Thanks all!!
  11. haha this is so great. why are you cooking the weed?

  12. Then shake that fool till he does! Time is weed.
  13. err as much weed as you want/the bowl can hold

    as much water to just make it start bubbling, less water= larger smoke chamber
  14. Funny ass thread fer sure.
  15. Grind up a nug real good and fill it close to the brim of the bowl.. The more it's packed in, the less air that will get through
  16. To smoke it? cooking i think she means burning the bowl..
  17. How long you been typing, bud?
  18. haha seriously
  19. THANKS ALL for the help!! I think I got it working pretty good now, just took a few learning tokes!!! Things much smoother now, APPRECIATE the HELP!!!!!!

    Jodi :smoke:

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