How to smoke a bong without any taste!

Discussion in 'General' started by tgrsplash, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. So I discovered that if I don't breathe through my nose during a hit I will have basically cut off my sense of taste (or some of it). I know some people already do this, and it really helps when the bong tastes like shit.

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  2. What. People breathe through their nose as they take a hit? I can't do that. Wait a minute. Hold up. I think I remember this from band. Isn't that like the same thing where you can blow a tuba or trumpet or whatever other mouthpiece type instrument while breathing through your nose? Forgot the word.

    EDIT: It's circular breathing.
  3. Oops i meant while inhaling
  4. either keep the bong clean (i clean mine every morning) or buy better bud....depends on the cause of the bad taste.
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  5. its amazing what a $1.89 bottle of 90% Iso Alcohol from C V S and some sea salt will do. Cheapest wah to keep my pieces clean daily and avoid that "aftertaste" on your hits if you will. Only way I am really able to taste terps and phenotypes like strawberry or diesel or fruit etc. from flower is by having a purrfectly clean piece, or roll a J with organics, or ya know, dabs lol Enjy

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