How To Shop For Seeds?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Jamesdouglas, May 17, 2010.

  1. i am ready to order
    i read through the thread of current seed banks
    and exhausted the search

    it would be great if i could find a site where i could enter certain variables
    such as, lighting, height of room, temp, lst/scrog, and high preference, and have the site give me a list of seeds that match

    how do i choose what strains will work best in my environment?

    i have a gl60 2x2x5.3 just over 500 watt cfl
    temps 77-82
    would like to grow 2-3 at a time lst and possibly scrog, time is not of essence

    i prefer heady, energetic highs opposed to couch lock

    one of the best i have had lately is sour deisel from ny
    pineapple express always interested me since the movie, as well as fruits like mango
    and the wife likes citrus, something lemon would be good

    but there are so many friggin choices and sites, and banks

  2. Just go to attitude for your first order.. They are a couple $$ more but are worth it in service. Grow what you like to smoke. Any plant will grow anywhere.. its a weed. If its a tall and you put it in a 1 gallon pot and flower early .. it wont be tall. Just like a goldfish in a small tank wont grow very big.
  3. good call i was looking at attitude
    thing is i started to grow because buds i can get are poor quality and expensive
    i already spent 8 weeks with bagseed tuning in my tent and the whole growing process

    i dont wanna waste any more time cause i picked the wrong strain or should i say not the optimal strain for my conditions
    i started cheap and small and i have learned its better to do things right the first time instead of cheapin out
  4. Start with something you know you can count on, you know, the strains that have lasted the test of time. Like the White Widow, and Northern Lights. I am growing those 2 right now as my break back into growing. It seems they are relatively easy to grow, and I know the quality is there if grown properly, because they have lasted all these years. I have some other strains I got as bonus seeds that will come later when I have a bit more experience. Good Luck.
  5. me personally i am testing attitude right now. i ordered 1 pick and mix blue him diesel(auto fem) and it came with a church seed for free. i just wanna see if it will make it here before i put in a real order.
  6. seems maybe i dont need to put so much thought into it
  7. Anyone one else?
  8. the single seed center I believe has some kind of bar at the bottom of the page when you're browsing through their seed catalog that lists other seeds with similar flowering times and heights
  9. Good to know I'll check there first thing tomorrow
    thank you
  10. I've been jonesing to buy some more seeds. I checked attitude but having found the cost of shipping to USA. Anyone have an idea?

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