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How to shave your nutsack?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by roma, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Fellas, how do you shave your nutsack? Time to shave some nuts but I don't want to cut them up..
  2. Use a new razor, soap up, be clean, then shaving cream it all up. Stand in front of the mirror and use slow short strokes.
  3. man gots to be careful doing that. i lather lots of soap n take my time with small movements. if u can get a girl to do it
  4. im not trusting a woman with a razor right by my unprotected gentle balls lol
  5. Trimmer for pubic area, razor for balls. You may get red bumps and ingrown hairs the first few times, but they go away the more you shave as your skin toughens.
  6. make sure to stretch the part of your scrotum your shaving, preferably a razor

    and be very careful
  7. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-QIH87SbNk]YouTube - ‪30 days of night - no god‬‏[/ame]
  8. ^o yea bro?
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  10. My ex wanted me to shave bad but I was like.. I'll trim.. but I'm not putting a sharp blade near my balls.
  11. In the shower. A regular old razor and soap.

    Your balls are tougher then you think.
  12. Id never razor blade my nuts. I gotta hair trimmer just for that but im blonde anyways so my shit aint too crazy to begin with.
  13. skip the razor and get hair remover cream.

    shaving your sack will take forever and wont come out the way you want it. you'll start at your balls and before you know it you moved to your taint then ass and 3 hours went by like nothing. also nothing worse than a couple random inch long hairs left over you cant see to get.
  14. Our hair down there serves a purpose. Im not saying go all bushwacker.
    I made the mistake of shaving it all once.
    A) It itches like a mother after a few days.
    B) It really fucking itches
    C) Ingrown hairs.
    D) Talk about swamp balls....no hair to keep skin on skin contact minimal= sweaty ball sack syndrome.
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  16. Get a razorblade, get under the shower, soap em up and man handle those bastards!
    Ofcourse, do it responsibly..
  17. I just do it.

    No shaving cream, no soap, straight up razor on scrotum.

    Never cut or nicked myself.
  18. dont do it man!
  19. electric razor.....it wont cut you

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