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How to shake the withdrawal

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BigGuru, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. I havent smoked in 3 days. Obtaining weed is not anywhere in my foreseeable future. Im shaking right now, breathing fast, minds racing, havent slept in 2 days.

    How to do I achieve normalcy? Perhaps if youve gone through a t-break or a time when you couldnt smoke youll be able to help me.

  2. I just get pissed (drunk) that usually helps..
    Stay strong bro
  3. If only I had alcohol, or I was 21, or a fake. :/
  4. Can u get ur hands on sleeping pills? So u can sleep it through?
  5. I have bad allergies right now so Ive just been taking 2 benadryl and passing out but that isnt working any more. guess Im used to them. And if I cant get weed how you expect me to get sleeping pills.

    I guess I was thinking more along the lines of a home remedy?
  6. Calming pills with valerian extract (natural calming herbs) are found in most medical cabinets around the house, everybody has them :)

    If not try drinking tea or warm milk and occupying your mind with something...

    Or raid that grinder you have for kief!!;))
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    its weed dude not crack. chill tf out
  8. I would stand in front of a mirror and take a good long hard look at myself then slap myself as hard as I could right across the face for even putting this thread on here in the first place withdrawals from weed please its a psychological battle you need to win nothing more now stop being silly and dont waste any more of mine or your time.
  9. you have no clue what real withdrawal is man, get some natural sleeping pills or find a bud connect it just doesnt come to you well most of the time
  10. I always just drink when I run out. Gotta have some inspiration haha
  11. Go to the store and buy some melotonin, it's a legal non prescription all natural herb pill.
    It's a natural serotonin increaser, if you take it then lay down and close your eyes in 15 minutes you will be asleep. Drink plenty of fluids as well, best of luck!
  12. If this isn't a troll thread,

    You're not addicted to weed. You're addicted to substances that help you escape from reality. Man up and face your problems. Stop running away.

    If this is a troll thread,

    Try harder. Then follow my earlier advice.
  13. hey man

    since you're already 3 days in, don't crack!

    I have always found the first 3 days to be the hardest and the next days get better and better...

    if you drink, have a couple of beers to help you get to sleep, it will help with that aspect of the problem, if you don't drink, don't start lol...

    you are three days in to it so it shouldn't be too hard anymore but just keep busy, whenever I am out of herb if I just keep busy all day I won't think about it, just stay strong bro, try working out more often, hanging out more often with friends or family also helps me, so try that... my #1 suggestion is to stay busy, good luck man :)
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  15. Are you smokin crack homes.ive taken tbreaks alot i dont get a withdraw.i dont belive you sir.i dont like it when people think that mmj has negitive sideafects other then the munchies.
  16. lololol at people who think im a troll? not at all. I went from smoking about 1/8th a day to having nothing (had to toss my whole stash).

    I know alot of it is psychological, but my body is seriously not doing well at all...

    to those who took me seriously and offered some advice thank you very much, ill be looking into getting these pills hopefully they help.

    And yes, yes I am smoking crack :ey: lol jk
  17. youre probably sick from other worldly bacteria..
  18. When i run out i feel just like that man...but i think its just that the fact that i possess no herb drives me as long as i have it & know that i can smoke at any time, i can go without smoking and feel fine, but when i don't have any at all i freak tf out
  19. Fucking crack heads.:mad: This is MMJ go take your withdrawls down the alley junkie
  20. you hit the nail on the head man. quitting for 3 days aint nothin. quitting for 3 days cuz your out...horrible

    lol and ive never so much as smoked a cigarette. weed is the only drug ill touch. (besides alcohol)

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