how to setup ventilation?

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  1. heloo
    i have a big problem on how to setup my ventilation and keeps temps low
    i have:
    Extractor Fan
    • 150mm 6" dia connections
    • Vents TT-150 mixed flow fan capable of up to 552 m3/hour of airflow(325cfm)
    • 60w running current
    • Plug & lead not supplied
    • 44 dB(A) sound level at 3m distance from the fan
    Carbon Filter
    • 150mm 6" dia connection
    • 300mm long
    • will handle up to 470 m3/hour of air
    • Extra virgin activated carbon
    the light i have is a 600w hps in a wing reflector.
    pls can someone who has got there ventilation on point tell me how to setup this up the best way.

  2. Filter >> reflector >> fan >> exhaust out.

    I keep my fan outside the tent, helps a little with heat.
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  3. is this the best way possible?
    my temps never go below 30c
  4. Then you definitely wanna keep the fan further away. Get some airflow on those ladies.

    I run a 400w hps in a 3x2x5.5 tent, and the hottest it ever gets is 26c.

    30 is way too hot for your plants bos
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  5. I'd put the fan as close to the outlet as possible if I could, they are more efficient at pulling than pushing.
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    That is the best way to set it up. Honestly, your best fix would be to add an air cooled hood, you should see a drop of 5 to 10 degrees easily.

    Also, make sure the hot air is vented out of your growroom. You didn't mention where the hot air is going, but if you vent it out of your tent back in to the same room, it will just raise ambient temps as well as temps inside the tent.
  7. which fan further,from what? i have two tower fans inside tent (4x4),6inch out, one small kitchen extractor fan for intake from room tent is in/4 inch.
    so filter inside tent then ducting out to fan then duct out? i would have about 15ft of ducting between filter and fan, how would the the fan pull through all that air from that distance?
    ok doc, i was planning on buying a cooltube and setup like:(inside tent=(filter>fan>tube)>(out=(vent in wall)-(>=airflow).
    Hot air is vented out of room.
    Thank you for teh input guys, bless your gardens :gc_rocks:
  8. The fan is going to work better pulling through 15 feet rather than pushing. Are you using a tent? Can you reposition it?
  9. i suppose, tanks andygrow i will try this idea,ye tent
  10. The cooltube should definetly help. Open reflectors are really better if you are running a large room with a/c, but cooled hoods work better in small grow areas with temp issues. Well, maybe not work better, but help eliminate the need for a/c.

    I mount mine filter - cooled hood- fan outside tent - vent out of room.

    I prefer hanging my fan from the ceiling outside the tent, and next to my vent. As mentioned these fans pull better than push so I prefer to keep it close to the vent. I also prefer it outside because it reduces clutter inside the tent and puts less stress on the tent frame.
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    doc,do you think my fan is powerful enough to pull air through the filter and still have negative pressure.
    the plan is filter inside tent(right ontop of the hps bulb), duct from filter to fan(outside), fan ducting to wall outlet.
    for some odd reason i find when i use both fans on max the temps rise inside tent??
    temps at moment 29.5c, also i have a 90degree angle in my ducting, make a difference?
  12. I just meant keep it outside the tent. And I saw youre getting a cool tube... Great idea! Now you should be able to move one of those large tower fans out of your tent, I'm betting there's a lot of heat coming from those. (I know they're meant to cool, but it doesn't sound like you have real good airflow through your tent)
  13. A 90 angle in your ducting won't matter one bit.
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  14. ohh ok makes sense now, heat dont come from the fans, i dont think so anyways, but thanks mayor ii will try out this new setup and see what happens
  15. ok so i changed things around abit:
    filter is inside tent at top above the reflector,
    fan outside tent more closer to the wall vent but temps still at 31/32c???
    a cooltube might be my only option??
    if i flower with these temps how bad will it affect my yeild??
    currently week 3 flowering...
  16. anyone?
    this ventilation shit is annoying! :mad:
  17. Dang man. There's something wrong with your airflow. Do you have all the vents open at the bottom of your tent?

    Cool tubes help so fuckin much. Any chance you xa. Post a pic or two? I'm more of a visual person...
  18. It is... You're gonna be a ventilation master after you figure it out though...

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