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How to set up a carbon scrubber for scrubs

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by jimmyjazz, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. See that's wut I was thinking @ first, however, my grow space is gunna be aimed majorily for stealth with the dimensions of 42Hx36Wx24D which should still be overkill for a fan/carbon filter that size..

    I was planning on picking up the 4" inline fan/carbon filter combo thru HTGsupply as theirs one close to my location, but I was worried about the noise that bad boy will be putting off.. After all the reading I did everyone was saying inline is the only way, which I agree with if you have a large grow op but, I'm already fighting for room within the box as is and this kinda solves sum problems..

    With that being said if theirs even a question that it couldn't do the job I'd go str8 for the inline combo as I can't have even a hint of smell coming outta my box.. I live alone, but my parents/family come through occasionally as well as my landlord who always gives prior notice weeks/monthes in advance but taking that chance is sumthin I'm not to keen on.. If ne 1 else backs up that this thing would be junk for a space that size, screw the idea, instantly..
  2. I would say it's ok for a cabinet grow but way over priced,you could build it for $50.I see similar go on ebay in an auction format sub $100 takes it.the inlines are noisy even when hung from bungy cords.A big pc fan like that one would work its the filter construction I question.Is the charcoal tamped and packed tight.Is it peletized or natural virgin.You just can't know what you are getting.The high price is a sure sign of somethings not right with this one.All of the ones made with pc fans are home/hand made.
  3. Ooo shit I shoulda specified a little more, since my box is smaller I was looking @ the smaller filter combo they make 6 X 14 ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER ODOR SCRUBBER 130 CFM - eBay (item 350118525335 end time Dec-19-10 16:12:44 PST)
    I'll just quote right from their ad..

    This carbon is unwashed so that you can be assured it is virgin carbon and not recycled (regenerated) activated carbon.
    Some carbons are activated or washed with phosphoric acid, zinc chloride, or potassium hydroxide. These chemically treated activated carbons could leach phosphate (an algae promoter), heavy metals, or alter pH.

    This activated carbon is NOT acid-washed.


    THIS CARBON IS IN GRANULAR (i.e. crushed char which is then sieved by particle size) FORM AND HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ADDED TO IT.

    After shipping this would run me about 130 US.. I read sum of those how-to's to make ur own carbon filter but smell is the 1 thing I don't wanna skimp on, I'd rather invest the money n KNOW it's gunna work (I'm NOT gettin caught, not an option).. lemme kno wut ya think, btw thnx fer the help Maulcoy
  4. See what kind of guarantee you can get via message on ebay.Sounds like it could suite your grow space.It will def. be quieter than the inline.Look at his sales history find the buyer of one and ask their opinion on if it does a good job on smell.
  5. Good call I'll prolly actually do that.. Like I was saying earlier I looked up a lot of reviews n they were all positive via forums and a shit ton of ebay reviews (obviously on ebay they aren't gunna come str8 out n say it was for herb) however, their was the one negative review that came str8 out n was saying veg/flower blah blah blah but I'll keep looking..

    Makes me very nervous that it's a cpu fan tho.. I actually did email the seller last nite, I'll post it up..

    Hey Foothill,

    I just had a quick question about your Activated Charcoal systems.. What type of fan is attached is this simply a computer fan and does it have enough power to pull through the filter? I've been told inline fans are the only way to go.. Also and more importantly is the fan pulling through the filter or pushing through? I'm looking for a system that pulls. With that being said I'm still VERY interested as your products are reasonably priced and seem well put together. Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.

    These are bigger than your basic computer fan. We have had no complaints as far as them doing the job. You just need to be sure it is big enough for the area. These will do an 8x8x8 area. If the odors are really strong and the area is close to this you may want to go to the next size.
    Our fans pull the air through the filter and exhaust the clean air through the fan. There is no need to duct our filters. They work best if suspended from the ceiling above the odors.
    If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us.

    - foothill-carbon-filters
  6. Yea dude I was worried bout the odor but seems like the dude says they work I was just worried its sort of like those gay ass smart cars i mean they drive and shit but if you get in a wreck in one of those you are done i guess the only way to find out is get one im prob gonna buy one next month i like the simplicity of it just like hang it no duct work or what have you ill let you guys know if i get one or if you get one let me know how it works
  7. OK , so if they recommend it just filter air within the room it's an air scrubber.In that case I think it will work.The air will be continually recirculated through it until it's clean.Good for a small space.I use a scrubber in winter because exhausting lowers the temp. too much.Then switch it to exhaust in summer.
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