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How to set the best experience for a new smoker

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by scottish stoner, May 11, 2011.

  1. Hi grass city! :D first post, only been smoking for a while, haven't been able to get much more than 'mids' in my experience (We call it ***** bud), but I've had some decent cheese, blue cheese, unknown indica 'dank' strain, AK-47 and northern lights (northern lights first time FUCK YEAH :D) in my short affair with beautiful mary jane :p Looking forward to being a blade and learning new tricks if you will all welcome me :wave: but yeah I've been talking to this girl for a while, and I think I'm meeting her on Friday, her experiences with weed, although few, have been pretty shit to say the least (headaches, sickness etc :() but I think she's just been in the wrong situations, I think I could maybe get my hands on some white widow but I was wondering if just some plain mids and a few one skinners would do the job? Suggestions? :confused: :smoke:
  2. That was meant to say c h i n k, I know it's offensive but yeah, I think it's a slur on the thai and triad mass production grows, idk though
  3. Roll up some chronic joints then proceed to get laid.
  4. :hello: Her and mary jane? Sounds like a threesome to me :p lolno doubt it man. A guy can dream. :rolleyes: But yeah I was thinking more like sativa with the mids to avoid the chances of couch lock? Or white widow to get baked without having to sit around smoking all night? And bong or joints considering she's a new smoker, I have a small metal pipe but it tastes like Camelcum and it's harsh as FUCK so I thought that might be a bit much for a new smoker, any advice welcome? :smoke:
  5. Hey man I'm from scotland too, where abouts you living?

    I reckon that roll one joint of mids and smoke then wait a bit see how she feels before smoking more.

    Nothing worse than smoking too much when you dont smoke often and freaking out!

  6. Hapnin' *fuck yeah fellow scot nod* :hello: Glasgow mate, you?
  7. Tokin' up in the highlands of Inverness here :smoke:
  8. Don't fuck with him. My friends told me I was going to have an heart attack and numerous other things. It was hilarious though.

  9. LOL, "dude there's a box around your head" is the best :p

  10. lol yea I was an asshole once like this, me and a bunch of pothead friends got this nonpothead friend high for the first time.
    When he noticed how red his eyes were, we told him it was because just like popping a girls cherry in sex, the first time you smoke your eyes bleed a little. He freaked the fuck out lol
  11. Just wanted to say, due to the fact that nobody else has yet, welcome to the City! :smoke:

    Also, good luck to you with the girl Friday!
  12. Welcome to the city mate but my concern is what wil you two be doing??

    My ideal chill session involves sitting with some good friends in someones food... and just a good laugh or id rather just smoke on my own then go with her around the town
  13. water bottle
  14. My advice, don't make it such a big fucking deal. Just enjoy it, don't overdo it. I fond whenever I set asides shit and plan some big sesh, I'm always disappointed.
  15. yo im in inverness too.

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  16. You can check my Confessions of a 40 year old virgin thread, but I would sum up first time advice as, use a water bong with ice (unless she smokes tobacco in which case this might not be needed), use a nice sativa, and be in a place that you feel comfortable to ease any anxiety.  The water pipe with ice should ease up any coughing and hopefully headaches and sickness.  Any time I was sick it was from coughing excessively not the effects of the flowers.  
    Also take small light hits and space them out.  Getting too stoned can lead to bad results as well.
    Best of luck.
  17. It's all about set and setting. Their mental state and their environment.

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