How to sell my pieces?

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  1. I have a few old pieces I'm looking to get rid of. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could sell them, if it's legal to resell, and if you know anyone wanting expinsive glass for cheap? Help me out!
  2. That right there sounds pretty sketch.
  3. How is this sketch? I'm obviously not having luck selling locally so I came here to ask. Stfu and get off of here if you aren't tryna help out. That's the whole reason I posted this. It's a forum for discussion.
  4. There's zero market for used pieces.
  5. It's sketchy because there's a lot of stolen glass floating around in the secondary market. That's one reason Boromarket requires a paid subscription to buy or sell. To answer your other questions: yes, I do know where. Yes, it's legal if it's clean and you don't live in one of a couple states. And yes, there are plenty of buyers depending on what you have.
  6. Good joke.

    And to the op, what kind of pieces? Any pics?
  7. Pictures and descriptions of the pieces or it didn't happen.

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