How to sell my pieces?

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  1. I have a few old pieces I'm looking to get rid of. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could sell them, if it's legal to resell, and if you know anyone wanting expinsive glass for cheap? Help me out!
  2. post pics and you might get a reply :smoke:
  4. i got a glass collection ive been building for 5 years. only in the past 3 years i got into higher end glass. 
    let me know if you get nuggetry account 
  5. post pics and see what people say.
  6. When I first joined GC, I asked why there wasn't a market for used glass, and someone told me it was "as greasy as fuckin' foot hash." :lol: It was pretty funny and your post reminded me of it.

    But yeah, people on nuggetry sell pieces all day.
  7. Also looking to downsize

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  8. Damn that Rasta Illy is B-U-T-FULL
  9. thanks she's my baby

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