How to sell homemade alcohol bongs?

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  1. I am currently making alcohol bottles into bongs. They are so crazy and sick. I was wondering what the best way to sell them was? I tried etsy but they will not let me sell any type of bong or bubbler on there. Maybe Ioffer?

    I posted some pics. they are very affordable.

    any feedback is appreciated and all are handmade and brand new. they rip.

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  2. They are already being sold
  3. what do you mean?
  4. sell them as water pipes....

    don't call them bongs or bubblers. Water pipes. Tobacco pipes. etc. no paraphernalia related names.
  5. Craigslist or a flea market?
  6. i tried etsy and they emailed me telling me to remove the listing even when I called them waterpipes. i am trying ioffer now. what do you think of them?
  7. What would be the price? They look alright, nice handle there on the slide I like that..
  8. the price is 60-70 depending on the piece but like 80 including shipping
  9. try making them glass on glass and iOffer should let you
  10. damn BRO! those are sick!!!! ill give you like $70 shipped for one BRO!
  11. if everyone had that type of attitude then there would only be one business per product/service
  12. Hahaha well said sir
  13. Hahaha 70 bucks for a used bottle and a 10 dollar grommet stem and slide?

    These bottles are free. Ask bars for them. Buy a carbide bit. Cheapie stem. Done.

    No offense man but u can get a hella well made simple glass on glass tube with diffuser for the price.. and it will actually be made out of boro.
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  14. my thoughts precisely.

  15. Daaang.. does that at least include the liquor? Then you could drink away the feeling of 'money well wasted'.. I like that you make these things, but for that price it is just a scam.
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  16. Agreed with the price being a scam. I bought a glass bong at a local novelty store for $13. It's a frosted glass tube, metal downstem, rubber grommet, rubber bottom, and glass slide. Hits pretty good for $13.
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  17. cant u get sued for that? Selling someone's copyrighted material.
  18. You will have more money put into buying the bottles of liquor full then you will ever see selling them as bongs. They are cool, but more to sell to your friends to party with. Or give away as presents
  19. Those look like pretty solid bongs, but are they worth $70-80? I think you'd be better off buying one from Grasscity

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