How to securely dispose of fan leaves?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BongJointPipe, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. I was wondering what's the best way to get rid of fan leaves, to avoid detection? I don't feel confortable putting them in the garbage. What do you guys do with your fan leaves? Would putting them in the blender, then in the garbage work?

    Bongjointpipe :smoke:
  2. Garbage disposal with running water, that shit will take anything down and grind it up.
  3. Make hash or chop em' up before throwing them away...
  4. apt dumpster. just collect them in a bag and throw em in a dipsi dumpster or w/e at some random apartment. thats what i do with all my grow waste. nute bottles, leaves, shit i even throw the wax paper side of tin foil tape in a sack for an apt dumpster.. lol. nothing weed or grow room related goes in my trash.

    basically just keep separate trash for grow room/ weed shit and throw it in random store or apt dumpsters with no cameras.
  5. I like to either bury them in my planters or shrubs or if there are only a couple, use the garbage disposal.
  6. Waste not want not. Ice water hash first, then down the garbage disposal with them.
  7. think about it, you have leaves and you want to get rid of them. you could obviously just put them in the garbage and most likely they would be put into the garbage truck then go to the landfill. other options would be the toilet or blend them up and put them into your garden outside. you could also just put them into a bag then go for a drive, once u r in a secluded area just huck them out the window into the bush and no one will know. its organic material, easy to dispose. unless you have a comercail amount of trimming it should be easy. put them in a public garbage for gods sake, dont be so paranoid, do u think people are watching you or somthing...... your small time.... under the radar..... easy
  8. Not sure how small scale you guys' grows are if you can stuff all of your plant matter come harvest time down the garbage disposal :laughing: I always used to just dig a hole in the woods and cover em up (pain in the ass and probably more trouble than it was worth), now I just triple bag everything and take it with the other stuff to the dump. Truthfully I couldn't give a shit less if the retiree manning the garbage chute sees some fan leaves in one of my trash bags. :laughing:
  9. +rep for making me laugh so hard about the retiree part :D
  10. Don't chop the fan leaves! Unless you are trimming the bud of course then you should feed the fan leaves to your worms, preferably in your vermicompost bin...


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