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How to secure ground joints without keck clips?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by EMP, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Is there any other way to do this? I think keck clips are too in your face and bulky looking.

  2. Not really, you can give it a slight twist and push to get the joints to stick together tho, peace.
  3. twisty-ties?
  4. Crazy glue :eek:
  5. Just be careful, when I hit a bong the way i hold it one of my fingers is on the down stem when i pull the bowl so it's impossible for the down stem to get pulled out with the bowl as well.
  6. I personally like the way keck clips look on my tubes. Guess it's a personal preference.
  7. Do you use beeline or I-Tal hempwick? if so wrap it so it goes around the stem and joint and bam instant non in your face working hemp clip.

  8. i second that notion:smoke:
  9. Intimidate it until it's too scared to come out.

    You listen to me stem joint... you slip one more time, i'm gonna fucking murder something in here...

    You gotta let it know who's boss.
  10. You could wrap your joints in stainless steel wire to keep them together an it would look slick like a racecar that uses it to secure engine bolts.
    If you were really crazy you would put some kind of gentle adhesive in the joints to keep them tight(locktight, silicone, idk i woulnt do it but its an option)

    I think the wire Idea would be cool if you were careful with it because you could make it any shape or size for cheap and it is low profile compared to klips and it is shiny:cool:
  11. Im so high I just realized the method for using hemp wick to tie those joints together would be just like the wire but it would look more natural if thats what you like.
  12. When you insert the downstem, give it a firm push and twist, and it should stick.
    Make sure the joints are completly dry as well
  13. I've never had much problems with my downstems slipping (in the past).

    I also used to think they were ugly, but I have 2 black and 2 blue ones and I think both look good, black goes better with my set ups so that's what I use all the time :D
  14. put some water in the gong joint then give the stem a little push and twist.
  15. ^yea i like to get a little water on there, it works well on my tube that cant fit a k clip
  16. Just be careful with getting water in there. I've had pieces that would be stuck together for days because a little water sat in the joint.

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