how to search for bongs on ebay...

Discussion in 'General' started by VoodooBud, May 20, 2006.

  1. I've been trying to find some deals on glass by going to ebay, but unless i search for ROOR, JBD, or PHX i usually dont get much in the way of broad results just those just dont cut it because of the price, im not trying to work miracles like find a superb zong for $20, but there has to be better deals than that, I know you cant just flat out list it as a BONG, but is there some search term they are all under that im missing, Any ebayers have an Idea?
  2. i search for phx trinity or px tetra (look for the specific models, you should have more luck)
  3. Because of ebay's crackdown on shit like this, you basically have to go to the Tobacciana category and search through that.. Youll find alot of wooden pipes and some hookah and some stash jars.. But eventually you'll find what you want...
  4. iv tried searching for that stuff too but i always have a hard time looking for it
  5. It is hard to find these things on ebay, I think they don't like selling them but they can't not do it or that would be like favoring the other sellers, I search for RooR, or another bigger name it usually comes up with something. JOE>

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