How to scrog??

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  1. Trying to learn how to scrog I’ve watch several videos and read articles and I still have questions

    When do you start scrog?
    Do you use multiple nets or just keep moving the one net up?

    I have 5 plants going in 5 gal fabric pots in a 48”x48”x80” tent

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  2. I use 1 net and it stays in place. I start training it in the net to grow horizontally as soon as the plant becomes tall enough to reach the net in veg.

    I would do 4 plants in a tent that size giving each plant an equal 2'x 2' area.
  3. Most people, from my experience, use 1 net that stays in place like killset does. They put up their "net" at whatever level they so desire....and once that plant grows into the net, they start using it to SCROG
  4. Is this a good scrog set up? IMG_0485.JPG

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  5. Not really. That's a trellis net, not a scrog net. The plant will push that all over makeing it difficult to keep an even canopy. The holes are also larger on trellis nets which makes keeping the plant tucked difficult. The 2nd net is completely unnecessary.

    Personally I make a solid frame and use mason line strung very tight to make 2 inch squares. Mason line won't give as the plant pushes against it like the line used for trellis nets
  6. I'd do trellis, it's like scrog but you have multiple layers and you can bend and move plant as you need and want at each layer and then you just cut it away. Scrog is more of like a piece of equipment you have to build and typically is a shorter plant.

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