How to score in Johannesburg, or to the reporter of the north Eastern Tribune

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  1. There appered on the front page of the North Eastern Tribune, Johannesburg, South Africa, an article dealing with drug cracking and drug abuse and all about the dealers etc. I dont remember exactly what it said, but what was important was that there was a complete description of who. where from and where to go to in order to score.
    And so I did, Afterwards I wrote this letter to the reporter, and he printed it out in it entirety with out any editting.
    This is what I wrote in my letter, I am sure that it will amuse you all.

    Reporter for the North Eastern Tribune.
    Mr. Jeremy Jowell

    14 July 1993

    Dear Mr. Jowell.

    I am an ex South African presently on a short visit to South Africa. As I have been out of the country for over 6 years, I had no idea where I would be able to score dagga from. My friends who helped me when I used to stay here had left. The situation was very dry and most depressing.

    Imagine my delight when on July the 6, 1993 the front page of the Tribune provided me with all the details. I would like to personally thank you for your most informative article. You provided me with an address, price list, shopping list, and a description of whom I could approach.

    Armed with all these details I headed off to Rocky Street this afternoon. Exactly where you stated, stood a truly friendly Rastafarian. This Rastafarian, now joyfully provides all us depressed and dried out individuals with a most necessary service. The network of Yeoville dealers is reaping the financial rewards of their newfound publicity.

    Yes, our Rasta did ask me what my preferences were, the price was indeed forty Rand for the Swazi seedless. You did not however mention the importance of bargaining. Swazi seedless can bought for thirty rand, plus the five rand necessary as payment for our Rasta's efforts, as he too needed to make a profit for bringing me to the main dealer.

    The goods were of superior quality, and I am sure the best in the country if not in the whole of Africa. Many thanks to you for providing your readers with such accurate and worthwhile news and information this week and every week.

    I would dearly like to continue with a correspondence, but as it is not expedient to do so, I shall refrain from giving my full name.

    Thanking you most sincerely

    From a Stoned and Grateful Reader

    His reply in the newspaper was:
    "Its a pleasure."

  2. lol thats great.

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