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How To Save Moldy Weed.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by HappySteve, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. Moldy weed is a very common problem among new tokers. What exactly are the ways to save moldy weed? I hope that we can all share our experiences. I know there are a lot of threads on moldy weed but none of them truly answer our questions.

    Please post your suggestions.

    My suggestions:

    I dont really have moldy weed as a problem always. However I have tried getting molds on a very big nug (just today). So i tried saving it using vinegar. I thought that molds would die from vinegar plus THC isnt really soluble in it. I hope this method saves potency of the weed.

    I havent smoked it yet. Ill smoke it tomorrow when i dries ( i put it on pattern paper to dry, im not sure if should just let it sit or use a fan or a similar device on it). Ill let you guys know what its like.

  2. Risk is not worth it. period.
  3. Hang on... what?
    Did I misread this or did you soak a bud in vinegar and plan to smoke it becuase you think it will kill the mould?

  4. My thoughts exactly...

    You may as well take a hit of good bud and a hit of vinegar.
  5. NO GOOD TO SMOKE. Only option would be to extract from it, qwiso or bho.
  6. YA man........ That is going to be really nasty come tommorow. Please tell me you can use the excuse of being stoned for doing this?
  7. Dont smoke it man... You could get violently sick, or really harm your lungs inhaling burnt mold. Not smart at all man, think twice and get someone else to try it.. haha just kidding, just dont smoke it, period. :smoke:
  8. Vaping might work. Look up the temps that effect vinegar etc.
  9. #9 Dankduster, Jan 15, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 15, 2010
    are you guys just saying "OMG DON'T SMOKE IT YOU'LL DIE" because you know based on facts or just because it sounds bad?

    i did research on this a while back, there are many types of mold, the most common being that fuzzy white penicillin like mold that grows on old ass shwag. it acts as a lung irritant and very few people will have an allergic reaction from it. it won't hurt you. it usually occurs in small patches and can be picked off. one of my buddies didnt even pick it off and smoked an entire ounce with ZERO negative effects (not harsher, no apparent short term)

    i played it safe anyways and made brownies out of it, which is what i would recommend. that or qwiso.
  10. just smoke it man :smoke:
  11. I'm saying don't smoke it because some moulds that grow on cannabis cause severe lung problems such as pnumonia when smoked, as well as the fact that you soaked it in acetic acid (vinegar) which you would be smoking along side it.
  12. Anyway. i tried the vinegar thing. Crap. Tasted so bad. Lost its potency. Any other ways guys?
  13. LOL! You get on the internet to get advice after you already soaked the nug in vinegar?
    Then ask if there's anymore ideas? How do you resurrect the potency of the nug you ruined?
    The answer is you can't, you fucked your weed up and there's no saving anything after you soaked that shiz in vinegar mang.

    Next time ask questions before making a decision like soaking your nugs in something like vinegar.
  14. bahahaha
  15. epic fail OP.
  16. Hahahahaha :hello::hello:
  17. ... an internet saying used by guys who live in their mom's basement when discussing failed attempts of people who actually try stuff.

    I think the fact that he tried using the vinegar to save the moldy weed is logical. If he had found a way to solve the problem people would have to scroll through pages of useless comments like "just toss that shit" to see the actual results.

    Anyway- you can wash off vinegar really easily with water- you're not gonna be smoking it.

    I'm gonna try this with my moldy weed. There's no reason why the hydro-phobic molecules in weed that get you high should be affected by vinegar or water.
  18. smoke it pussy i would
  19. Buy new weed and pretend it's the old stuff. :]
  20. Enjoy the mold spores in your lungs you hardcore gangster. :wave:

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