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How to save all my budzz

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by steven22, May 19, 2010.

  1. lol..

    ok.. im a frequent smoker and a very sentimental person... I keep logs, data, things of all the events of my life... and I want to start it with my bud as well.

    I already started moving aside anywhere from .5 to a 1g of my last 6 very memorable/potent/happy pickups iv had... and just tossed them into a ball mason Jar

    if I continue this, all the buds are going to be mixed, and I wont tell the difference between them

    I was thinking of getting those tiny ziplocks (dime bags?) and labeling the date of the bud and storing these ziplocks in the jars, and stashing them away.


    I dont know if using plastic ziplocks in a glass jar for long periods of time is good for the bud.

    I dont plan on smoking these for a long time... maybe years... who knows, will the buds last that long? are they safe to consume then?...

    any alternatives?...

    Im pretty disciplined to not pick into the memory jar and smoke it out...never happened yet.
  2. Consider vacuum sealing in canisters, I made a thread about it here:

    Since you have small amounts from multiple pickups, you'd probably want to put the buds in very small ziplocks, leave the ziplocks open, and put them all in a canister and vacuum seal. Then store in a cool, dark, dry place. With the air removed (air, heat, and light are all things to avoid for buds in storage) and proper storage, they should be able to last for years.
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    yes vacuum seal would be great but if you don't wanna get into all that then there is an easier way.
    Double bag the herb and make sure all the air is pushed out inbetween the bags. You don't want any air inside at all.
    Then place that inside a glass jar and store in a dark place that will not get too hot in the summer.
    Basically, Just make sure that it is very airtight. Or else you may decide to smoke it one day and find that it is dry as hay with no potency.

    BTW I would take your nugs out of the mason jar as soon as possible unless you got enough bud to fill the jar up because the headspace in the jar is enough air to dry out your smoke.
  4. How do I take out the air from the mason jars?... I dont really want to buy extra stuff as I have tons of mason jars laying around everywhere... and no I dont have enough to fill it up at all.

    or are there cheap alternatives?
  5. As long as it is double bagged the air in the mason jar doesn't matter. I just prefer putting my bud in a container so it doesn't get smashed.

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