how to safly buy supplys?

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  1. How do you guys safely get supply's for hydroponics without using a card? or is that even necessary?
  2. Gardening isn't illegal my friend. You just go in and buy your stuff. A lot more people grow plants besides weed than those who do grow weed. Just go in and buy your stuff-- without bloodshot eyes or that cool pot leaf shirt you got last year at SmokeFest:)

    I am concerned though for your safety if you're asking questions like this..
  3. Always, and I repeat, ALWAYS USE CASH. If you have no paper trail then it's like you never bought it. If you use a credit card you're asking to get caught.
  4. Wait, did you mean card as in credit card or card as in a mmj card? I thought you meant that latter, hahahaha
  5. In my state, the owner of the first hydro store just recently got out of prison on a ten year bid. He was found guilty of conspiracy to cultivate marijuana, just for owning a gardening shop. So apparently gardening can be illegal.

    I felt more comfortable going the DIY route and making trips to the hardware store, especially considering the established precedent here in my grab-ass backwood state. If I still couldn't get what I want, then it was public transportation to the hydro store. And always cash only.
  6. haha yeah I meant credit card. I plan on getting all I can from home depot and such but for the things that cant be found locally..then what. Right now I cant find Net pots, a growing medium (I want clay balls) rock wool, pH test kit and hydroponic food. Everything else I'm going to buy, I've found at local stores. But these items I can only seem to find on line, AND thses are the items that are going to make it obvious that Im growing something hydroponically.
  7. You are a lot safer to buy supplies online with a credit card than in a brick-and-mortar hydro store with cash. Cops sometimes will stake out the parking lot of a hydro store and pull you over on the way home or run your plates to find your address so they can harass you later.

    I would not buy seeds with a credit card, but grow supplies are legal, and your local law enforcement will never have cause to get a warrant from a credit card company in another state.
  8. that's great info and make a ton of sense. thanks dude. That works out great also because I got seeds from a friend who grows a really good strain.
  9. I've never done hydroponics, but the consensus seems to be that it's best to forget a pH kit and pony up for a meter + the stuff to maintain it instead.
  10. also good info ill definitely do that. is their a good pH meter you can suggest?
  11. Buying hydroponic supplies isn't a crime. Even if you have a "paper trail", the police cannot use the purchasing of legal gardening products to assist in getting a warrant. Have no fear ordering your stuff online and trust me, your information is confidential. Fed's aren't strong arming miracle grow for user lists now are they?
  12. The Oakton PH 2. It's the best digital PH meter you can get for under $80. I got mine off of amazon and don't forget to buy some 4.1 and 7.0 calibration solution.
  13. You're forgetting conspiracy to grow marijuana. And trust me, they WILL pin that on you. Sure buying supplies at a normal home improvement store would be more than okay, not so much a hydroponic store. If you are worried that a cop might be staking out a store, then use public transportation or park your car far away from the store and walk to the store.

    Trust my information is confidential? Please tell me you're not that naive. Credit companies will sell your purchase history and information to anyone who can afford it, and trust me the feds sure can afford it.
  14. For them to get you for conspiracy, they have to have evidence. What is evidence? Seeds or marijuana. If you don't get caught with seeds, weed, or plants you will NOT be subjected to any harassment from law enforcement. Marijuana legislation is kind of my career. If you find a cop staking out a store, let the owners know. That cop will get pulled off that corner for harassment in a heart beat.

    Quite frankly you sound to paranoid to be growing marijuana to begin with. Being safe is one thing, but when you get paranoid to the point where you create problems for yourself you probably shouldn't grow. You won't enjoy it and will end up settling for "less the the best" product due to your fear of conspiracy. I have a friend with the same problem as you and his resources are severly hindered. Believe me or not, the choice is up to you to make.

  15. In your state they appear to be rather lenient with their laws but you are also forgetting how if they get any sort of confession out of you or if they find any sort of evidence (credit card statements, electricity spikes, etc) they can use it against you. And regardless if a cop is going to give you a hard time and be an asshole he will, who do you think the judge is going to side with? The officer or some dude trying to plant weed?

    This made me lol, what the fuck is a store owner going to do? Oh that's right, nothing at all.

    I'm sorry but me being cautious with the law is creating....problems? Doesn't really make sense but alright. And I can get anything I need from a home improvement store and some cash, so tell me how am I "hindering" my resources again?
  16. [​IMG]

    I always use this bad boy when i go shopping. ;)

    check the parking lot before you walk in. and drive the speedlimits on your way home.

    Evil :smoke:
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    I've been in Washington for 3 months. For the last 24 years I've lived in the south east, never seeing a marijuana friendly cop in my life.

    Do you live in Russia? Police Departments take complaints very seriously and most store owners don't like cops sitting in front of their store and intimidating customers.

    Yes, my friend always said that. "Well at least I don't have to worry about getting busted!" Whatever makes you feel safe is alright, but if EVERYONE ran their operation like that, no one would get anything done. He never got busted, but neither did the rest of our growing friends.

    Edit: Worried about saying the wrong thing to the cops and letting them wind you up in a confession? Print this card out and keep it in your wallet. When you get backed into a corner, hand it to the cop and shut up. When you state your rights and shut your mouth, you would be amazed what a lawyer can get you out of. About 85% of marijuana convictions are due to self incrimination. It's not about what happens, it's about what can be proved in court.
  18. TokeOut,
    I don't think I've ever heard anyone with such anxiety issues. I'm NOT in a marijuana friendly state, but I haven't had any issues with cops at hydro shops. Or purchasing seeds and supplies online. I won't give my name and address out online, but I assure you that the cops think of us as small potatoes. Not sayin that the laws don't need to change, but your most likely way of getting caught growing is by telling your buddies. People get excited and open their mouths and the info spreads like wildfire. THAT is how you and your little operation will get busted.
    Don't be stupid and you'll be just fine, your nervous behavior can actually MAKE you a target.:bolt:
  19. WAcaregiver's link should be a sticky.

  20. The reason why people get caught is they begin to believe that they are untouchable. One of my best friends who believed that he knew everything, and that he knew his way around law enforcement. That there was no way he was going to get caught, very cocky. 3 months into his grow op, he got busted but do you wanna know why? A credit card that he was using was flagged by the credit company and privately sold to federal agents, shortly after that they began to look at the spikes in electricity at his place.

    Eventually they got a warrant to use heat detecting cameras on his place and sure enough they found what they needed, raided his place, and is currently in a cell waiting for the court date in which he is being sentenced.

    I understand that you believe that you know everything that there is to know about marijuana laws and legislation, but you keep forgetting key elements that get people caught. Cops are assholes and sure don't care about shop owners that have cops on their property or near their property. If you call the local station, they're not going to do anything whether or not you want to believe that cops actually go by the books and are not crooked as fuck.

    The threats are very real, and cops will go that EXTRA mile just to get more cash in their paycheck. You can also go ahead and believe that more than 80% of the money that's used towards the war on drugs ISN'T used on Marijuana busts. But you sure as hell have no ground to stand on when it comes to telling other people that they shouldn't be growing because they are cautious

    And If you want to believe that I'm being paranoid/cautious/whatever then you can believe that, but when you probably aren't going to see your best friend again for a long time you would be too.

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