How to roll the perfect joint.

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  1. Hey!

    In this video I show you how to roll a nice perfect joint every time!

    [ame=]How to- Roll a Percy or Pinner joint - YouTube[/ame]

    :) if you'd like to support the making of how-to videos on joints bong cleaning etc click the ad on the video! Thanks! :)
  2. You sound really stoned in this video, haha. Anyways, nice video. Very informative.
  3. I'm ashamed to say, I can't roll a j for shit. I like this video. I'm gonna try again when I get more bud:) You sound stoned and canadian lol
  4. What's up boys, just finished toking my old bubbly. Yessir i was ripped in this video :) and of course, I am a Canadian boy and proud of it!
  5. haha, i have one of those but only for my selling jays :p
  6. i used to have an element roller

    i was thinking of buying a new roller but i would rather roll my own stuff tbh, got tired of training wheels

    and never thought about a filter like that OP, neat

  7. I just went out and bought the cheap ziggy roller and it works soo good, rolls perfect joints everytime. its a great tool
  8. u sound so depressed like Eeyore teaching me to roll a joint

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