How to roll a transparent joint (stoner comedy)

Discussion in 'General' started by Uriah, May 2, 2016.

  1. This single video holds all the deep, hidden secrets to rolling the PERFECT transparent joint... the secrets THEY want to keep from you...

  2. i hate clear papers too!
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  3. Shouldn't comedy be funny, or at least mildly amusing? It's like someone wanted to make a comedy video but had no material so they made it anyway. Maybe it's a generational thing.
  4. yer jus high Ed
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  5. Or I need to be...
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    hahaha! your reaction is comedy. although maybe you have to be of a different generation to see that...
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  7. cur·mudg·eon/kərˈməjən/

    a bad-tempered or surly person
    often in reference to older generations
    IE "get off my lawn you damn kids"
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  8. Come on, you guys only thought the video was funny because it had shit in it. Your generation seems to think shit and farts are funny. When you grow up you'll realize pooping is serious business and nothing to joke about.
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  9. NOOO! Poop will always be funny! Always! LA-LA-LA I can't hear you!
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