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HOW TO: roll a tobacco Joint uk style (gum transfer)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Freshfed, May 14, 2011.

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    Hi all I thought I'd post a rough rolling guide for people who wish to smoke joints using single tobacco skins, I use tobacco also but obviously this can be substituted for your herbs if you want!

    So here is what you need.

    Bud-ground up
    Tobacco (or more bud)
    A pack of skins.
    The roach is made from this pack or you can make your own from similarly soft cardboard.

    Still in the making so give me 30mins!!!!

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  2. what's the point in this thread? i learned nothing at all.
    this is BULLSHIT
  3. Thanks for the informative post lol
  4. First take 3 skins out.

    Take two skins and have them gum side (shiny) facing you at the top with 2 skins overlapping by roughly the same thickness as the gum of your 3rd skin (we will refer to this skin The bridge skin).

    Lick the underlying skins gum only at the part where the overlap lies then seal the two together. Resulting in a fused gum region of the two skins.

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  5. Edit, nvm he posted the other part ^.
  6. its still BULLSHIT
    makeone post goddamn

  7. patience is a virtue:wave:
  8. Spliff buddy it's a spliff:smoke:
  10. Take the bridge skin and double it over so that the it becomes double sided with gum but half the original length ( the same size As the unfused part of the two skins)

    Lick the gum on both sides of the bridge, place it in the overlap flaps of the two skins , push down to seal.

    Apply pressure for a second then, while holding the top, at centre of the fusing, pull out the bridge skin... This transfers the gum from the bridge to the 2skins, push the newly fused flaps together sealing the skin as a single large skin.

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    I said gimme 30mins dude, on mob app takes time to upload!
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    Take either a portion of the skins packet or a similar piece of thin malleable cardboard, roll it between your fingers to make a coil... This way it can be tightened or loosened depending on how thin/fat you want the joint... This is important because the way I roll uses the roach as a kind of template for shape and I hold it the entire time while rolling, as a guide.

    Add the roach 2/3 into onto the skins at the end you feel comfortable having as a grip hand that won't leave the roach whilst rolling.

    Add your mix, I've used weed and tobacco for the example. Make it roughly the same consistency throughout, you don't want a big lump or saggy patch later on. Shape it by the roach thickness with a little extra as you progress away from the roach end.

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  13. Nice thread, +rep.

    lmao im just bein a dick bro i know how to roll
  15. Watch out OP. Tobacco is like kryptonite to these people.
  16. Rolling.

    Ok, so this will be difficult to explain and even if it is perfectly comprehendible if you can't roll yet then this will take time to pick-up! Practice! :)

    Use your roach hand as a gear the rotates the joint and always maintains a tight hold of the roach. This is started by tucking and rotating the skin into the roach, this let's you control the shape of the joint with this hand.

    Your other hand starts by the roach, tucking the skin into the roach and keeping the skin tight as you go. This motion progresses further up each time, with tightening of the skin and wrap around the mix after each progression.
    Once you have wrapped it enough so te entire joint is tight all the way, lick the gum strip and seal it up!

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  17. Almost done.

    Tap it down on a hard surface a good no. Of times to compact it (smoother toke)

    Tear excess paper



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  18. Smoked this before I wrote instructions lol.

    Finished product

    Thanks for your patience!

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  19. in the 1st post lol :smoke:

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