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how to roll a round joint????

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. i cant do it and i dont use one of those roaches cause im in the U S of A so could someone tell me i mean i know some peeps can do it but i want it to be able to be round so ican fill it in like speical tins and stufffff or am i justr rambling but if some could give me a pictoral of them doing it and yes i know the hand book so please help its an emergancy!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. well i can't give you pics but here goes....why don't you use the handbbok if you've got it....being good at it comes from experience.....get 2 skins and lick one for approx 10mm at the end of it.....seal the other paper to it so as it looks like a continuation of the gum...this leave the other side of the lenght open.....the next part is to get another skin and lick the whole lenght of it and seal it along the underside, or middle of the skin and the natural fold will take it over to the inside....once this is achieved...put you're hash or weed in and then add some tobacco to help the roll (don't worry it's a European thing then roll using both hands....index and thumbs at first till you get the general shape.....then rest the joint on you're middle fingers and use you're index fingers along the lenght of the joint....hence as you roll like this you use you're index fingers to keep it nice and tight....once it's nice and tight hold it again with you're thumbs and index fingersand lick along the length of the gum and seal it.....then add a roach....i don't care what people say it's a good idea when using hash especially....roll a small bit of cardboard....approx 20mm long and 10-15mm wide and insert in one end....twist the other and hey off the twist when ready to smoke and enjoy!!......Peace out...Sid
  3. once again... i thought this was the seasoned tokers' section

  4. im a YFFF and only been smoking since this summer and have come to love joints and needed to learn how to roll them good its just that they were like flat and weird

  5. People come here seeking the wisdom of those with experience. Makes sense to me. Or perhaps there should be a "I don't know what the hell is going on" forum. I'd post there a lot.

    And as for your question lacrossestar, I'd have to say you're not putting enough weed in it. It takes more than you think to fill a decent J.Though I don't tend to smoke them a lot you gotta learn some time. If anything just use common sense; the paper's not going to puff out by itself, it needs fiilling.
  6. Just use a cigarette rolling machine. You can buy them for about 2 dollars at any drug store. Make sure you get the same size as the papers you are using. I like to use the Randy's Hemp Papers with the wire built in. (built in roach clip). The joints that you roll will look like cigarettes. Use about 1/2 gram of finely chopped bud per cig.
  7. bust up your weed really well, thats the first step.

    get the rolly in a kinda v shape, and put the weed even along the crease.

    then bring the top and bottom of rolly and bring them together so you have a little pouch of weed, use the rolly pack to pack the chron into the crease nice, flat, and even.

    then with your thumb, roll the bottom half of the paper down to bring the weed below the crease, but still really tight together.

    tuck the bottom of the rolly over the weed, and carefully roll it up.

    then lick it, stick it, and fire it up.

    ps, theres no reason to rush, just take your time, practice a bit, and youll get a hang of it.

    or if your desperate, roll the rolly around a pencil, twist up one end of it, and just pack it full.
  8. Well for starters you need a roach - it catches odd bits of baccy and smoke otherwise you get a bitty mouth, and it helps give shape to the spliff...i've been told that i roll perfect spliffs - however i think it's possible to do better. I cant explain how to do it coz i just dont know. *I* can do it, but i can't teach other ppl.
  9. I'm european, so 'bacco is a natural ingredient in a good J.

    The mix depends upon what you're smoking.

    Hash: 1/4 hash to 3/4 bacco
    Weed: half'n'half

    First rule is to get some good tobacco. Preferably soaked (and dried afterwards naturally) in whisky or cognac (thats brandy to you americans i think).

    Frie the tobacco a bit to make it drier (and burn faster) with your lighter.

    Mix the dope with the bacco.

    Now the difficult part, rolling... Only practice makes perfect I'm afraid. Still...

    Take 3 normale size gummed papers (rizla usually. Reminds of a story, I'll get back to that later).

    Glue paper 1 and 2 together lengthwize, and paper n. 3 to the end.

    The glue on paper 1 is still unused. Make a small "filter" out of part of the cardpoard flap on the rizla-paper dispenser (?) by makin it into a small spiral. This will also help you rolling and save your precious weed. Put this filter at the end of papers 1 and 2.

    Next put in the bacco and weed mix and roll it into a tapered cylinder, where the "3" paper is the thick part, and the filter end is the thin part. Light up and enjoy.

    With a bit of practice, you'll do this virtually one handed.

  10. i have a Job 1.5 rolling machine here is pics and how i roll with it...
    the one on the left is my spliff roller and the right just a regular J. allong wiht the papers i happen to have on hand... i like the F.L.

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  11. this is how much i break up

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  12. then pack it in e.v.e.n.l.y ...

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  13. close it up and roll it a few times then put the paper in it GUM SIDE OUT!!! learning to roll with this thing i messed that up a few times ;-)

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  14. now hold the paper and pull your thumbs down on the roller closes to you the paper should pull in by it's self then lick the gum and roll it he rest of the way in

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  15. then open the roller

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  16. finished product should be perfectly round and look like this....

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  17. WTF? I'm english and have NEVER heard of a spliff being rolled with soaked brandy or whatever the fuck....U must be from the Continent, mate....Us londers'd never do weird shit like that! LOL! :)
    BTW, if u use 1/4 hash to 3/4 baccy in a spliff it will hotrock all over the fucking shop....u only need like 2 pinches in a normal king slim rizla and 3/4 of a fag (king size marlboro lights are my preference) and that gets a nice joint. 1/3 of the amount you put in a spliff you apparently dont smoke anyway...cant remember where i heard that. Of course a lot of people use rolling baccy, which most people find easier to roll, but personally i dont really like the taste of it, or the smell when it burns.
  18. hehe how much tobacco you put in depends on how much tobacco you smoke... if you smoke very little, you don't need that much... if you smoke lots, then you need a good amount to kick in that part of your brain before you can get stoned... i quit cigarettes about 2 months ago, now i get about 4 king-skins out of one cigarette (benson+hedges, toasted)... you should be smoking predominantly weed, not baccy...

    mind you, if you haven't *got* any weed... baccy bongs do /nicely/...


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