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How To Roll A Perfect Joint with Pics

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pinkbubbles, Feb 10, 2009.

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    This thread is for beginners who are just starting to roll and need a little trick to get you going, or for the seasoned toker who can roll but your joints run, canoe, are too tight, or are pregnant. I am doing this because as a seasoned smoker i feel its a necessary skill as a smoker to roll and when i first started rolling my joints were far from amazing. If you follow these steps (and i have included pictures for each step), you will be rolling great joints very soon. Dont get me wrong it will take some have to get the spread of your fingers just right and roll down tight but noot so tight you wont be able to draw smoke from it. Ho K boys and it goes.
    0.) Get high.....smoke it out of a bowl, bong, an apple, or potato ...whatevers handy
    1.)Pick out a nice bud
    2.)Grind it up good in a grinder...if you dont have a grinder trim it down into small pieces with scissors
    3.)Get out your paper and fold the bottom edge up to the middle seam....if your paper has no middle seam fold it up about 1/4 can go bigger but it depends on how much weed your using .....1/4 is a manageable amount for beginning.
    4.)fold your corners in....into 2 small triangles....IMPORTANT:dont make these too big...the bigger the triangle...the bigger gap you will have with no weed in the end...the point of these is merely to have a little incline to keep the weed in at the ends, it doesnt need to be "pocketed" in.
    5.) Guide your finger along the botton of the inner seam until the tip is flush with the cone and press another finger to flatten it at the back...repeat this on the other side to make a canoe shape
    6.) Put your weed into your paper ....try to make it as level as possible in depth and width
    7.) push the bottom of your paper up to the middle and start to roll down with your pointer fingers and thumbs locking the paper between them
    8.) once you feel the weed is level in your fingers start to roll your thumbs down to expose the weed...pinch the papers edge close as you can get it to where a little edge from the center touches the other side...then pinch your thumb in to your pointer fingers and "lock" it then roll in and begin to flatten out as you pinch down and out with your pointer fingers rolling behind to even it out
    9.)Keep twisting up and lick
    10.) twist up your ends and Viola!!;)

    I hope this helps some of you

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  2. great guide bro, wish i had some zigs and some herb:(

    not a big fan of blunts or joints but it's chill for circle smokin or just to relax
  3. good guide, good herb.
  4. #5 bcustom28k, Feb 10, 2009
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    A perfect joint? It's not a bad joint, but dont call it perfect. Much to learn. Symetrisize u must.

    I take it back it is pretty symetrical. but still not perfect cmon!
  5. this thread would be more useful in the beginners section

    not what i would call a perfect joint but good tutorial

    there are other methods that can be taken tho
    i think its important to just go with your own and practice practice practice
  6. Why can't people look around in the forum, see if there's not a similar thread that has already been stickied...

    Oh it there's one!

    Link in my sig.

  7. Nice guide, lick and tuck!
  8. sweet guide +rep
  9. I don't think Seasoned Tokers needs another how to roll a joint thread, better off in Apprentice Tokers
  10. +rep

    a mod should move this to the beginer thread.
  11. I know i said perfect and i guess if you really wanna get down and dirty and take measurements ...its not a perfect joint....its pretty damn close though and hopefully itll help some people perfect their technique. I was going to put this in the apprentice tokers forum, however i have read countless threads in the seasoned tokers forums which have newbs asking for rolling advice/techniques....either way there are plenty of seasoned tokers who cant roll wortha shit and could definately use practice. I know this may not be THE way for have to find your own way for rolling and im sure there are many other threads on how to roll...however i wanted to share my way in hopes that it may help a few people....if it does then the time i spent putting this together wasnt wasted;)

    PS....Rolling a joint with dank is perfectly acceptable when you are cleaning your piece and need to smoke.
  12. Wow. That is a NICE joint.
  13. nice doob, im going to try your technique later.. its cool how everyone does it differently.
  14. Can we have a rolling competition. I'v never ever seen someone roll a joint better than me, I can roll anything, ,even if its completely random bring it on:)

  15. if he had left the "How to Roll" out of the title, would u of not shit ya pants?

    who doesnt enjoy nug, grinder, and joint shots.
  16. i guess, this old dude i smoke with rolls it with so little paper it's so fast and it looks so tight like a cigarette afterwards... theres are better way

  17. the only way u can tell how good someone is at rolling is how little paper they use.

    my opinion of course
  18. thanks man! i dont quite understnad the triangle part tho

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