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~~*How To Roll A Perfect Blunt*~~**LOTS Of Pictures**

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by JustDank, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. #1 JustDank, Jan 21, 2009
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    I've watched all of the Blunt Rolling videos on Grass City.
    None of them really impressed me so i decided to make my own.
    In this Tutorial, you will learn how to roll a perfect blunt.
    There are detailed instructions to assist you as well as fairly high def pictures.

    Here it is:

    First off, you gotta get all your supplies:

    -A Tray to roll on

    -A Blunt (In this instance Grape Swisher Cigarillo)

    -A Nice Big Bud



    If you have a Grinder now would be the time to grind it up.


    Now its time for you to split the blunt. you do this by finding the vein in the side of the blunt. Sometimes it's visible and it'll look like to thin purpleish lines, and just sorta hold the blunt at the part you would light and pinch and pull. You'll get it. And sometimes, those lines wont be visible and its a guess and check kinda thing.


    Then slide the tobacco out of the blunt from the mouth end down.(that is slide it out the end u would light.


    Now load up all of that freshly ground bud into the blunt wrap.
    As you can see, I packed that thing full unlike most other blunt rolling vids.


    Now we start the fun part. Acutually rolling the blunt. Start with the mouth piece in your right hand and the burning end in the left. Roll right to left. Now tuck the bottom flap under the top flap using your thumbs and thumb nails. Grow out your thumb nails to like 2 milimeters and you'll have a big advantage in rolling your blunts.


    Continue this process until you get about a third of the way through. Now lick what you've got done so far and press is to the bottom flap. Keep licking it till it sticks firmly.


    Keep doing this until your down to the end.


    And there you have it.



    Hope this helped you. Hopefully this gets sticky.
  2. This is most helpful. Thanks man.
  3. thanks. i wanted the pictures to be embeded but i couldnt figure that out
  4. ps. your pic or whatever don't work
  5. Nice tutorial. Makes me want a blunt so bad.
  6. +rep man! where did you get that little pan??
  7. + Rep Man!

    Very very nice tutorial for the newer smokers to learn how to roll a proper blunt. After all, rolling a blunt comes in handy for those celebatory smoke sessions, and its a very impressive skill.
  8. This is good tutorial for peeps that want to roll, but one thing I do differently is lick the whole wrap before I put bud in it so it sticks better and it makes everything a little easier..
  9. i dont know its from a cookie cutter case from pampered chef or something. it comes in handy though.
  10. +rep!! man we smoked this blunt this mornin. u should post pics of ur game blunt were gunna smoke
  11. I like how your keyboard has all kinda of little green bits falling into it, haha.
    That's a nice tut man. Maybe I'll finally give it a go. All of my rolling needs are done with my friend's roller, but occasionally these things need the TLC of loving hands.
  12. great tutorial man. never rolled a swisher. where im from everyone rolls dutchmasters. little trickier since u gota take the outer leaf off. but im deff guna try and pick up some swishers if i can.
  13. those are my favorite blunts to roll. i aughta make a tutorial for those. lol
  14. i try

  15. i try
  16. Nice nice nice and especially nice for using a Swisha bro! That's pretty much how I roll except I lick-patch the little tears and whatnot that are on the blunt before putting the bud in

  17. I did that behind the scenes. lol
  18. heres my latest blunt

  19. i jus started rollin blunts. i've only rolled around like 7
    but tha problem i always get is that i cant get the two papers to stick together. like i'll roll it up but tha paper on top will start comin up...it's funny as hell if your high but doesnt look pretty lol.

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