How to roll a nice Dutch Master blunt (alot of pics)

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  1. What You Need

    • A Dutch Master (preferably strawberry or carona)
    • A bag of weed (preferably a gram of some piff)
    • A lighter
    • Something to breakup the weed on (piece of paper or a bill)
    • Somewhere to put the garbage
    Step one- Unraveling the outer leaf
    Take the cigar out of the wrapper. Then lick the shit out of it and get the entire outer leaf wet. No homo.

    Next look at the smoking side of the Dutch. Notice the top of the outer leaf where it turns into the mouth piece. Peel that up.

    Slowly and carefully unravel the outer leaf following the lines

    When you get the entire thing off you should have something like this

    Notice the hard lines popping out of the outer? these are known as vains. go to the last one and carefully tare it off. You wont be needing it.

    Step 2- Preparing the inner leaf
    At the smoking side of the dutch you should see gray paper. This is called the cancer paper and you want it completely off because yup you guessed it it causes cancer. The easiest way to do this is to find where the two sides overlap and just peal it off.

    Look at the cigar and you will find a seam going down the entire dutch. Notice that on one side of the seam it overlaps. Carefully split the dutch on that side of the seam. Try to make the split as straight and as close to the line as you can. After you split it throw out the tobacco inside.

    Find where the circular mouth piece is split in half. Fold the two sides together and carefully rip off only the circular part.

    Now you see that discolored line going all the way down the inner leaf? Rolling with this on just makes rolling more difficult.
    Remove this but try to rip it as straight as possible. the easiest way to do this is to fold it in and make a crease then rip it as you would rip out a piece of paper.

    Step 3- The inner
    Find something to break up weed on and fold it in half the long way. Common things to use are a dollar bill, a piece of paper, a card, ect. Pour the weed onto it.

    Break up the weed. Break up the nugs untill it the leafs are fine. take out all stems and if any, seeds.

    Carefully pour the weed onto the inner leaf. Spread the weed evenly.

    Fold the bottom of the leaf and cover all the weed so it makes a sort of pocket for the weed. Carefully rip some un neccesary paper off the top if u can. Make sure you have enough paper to over lap the two sides

    Lick only the top of the paper ( not the paper covering the weed). Bring the paper over with your mouth so it overlaps the paper that was covering the weed. This is hard to show in a picture.

    Step 4- Rolling the outer leaf
    ok now you need to put on the outer leaf. Lick the outer on the oppisite side you licked it to take it off. Position the outer and inner as shown in the picture. then just tuck and roll. dont make it too tight or too loose.

    Roll untill the entire inner is covered by the outer. Twist the end up and carfully bite it off.

    Step 5- Dry and smoke
    Now your blunts basically done. Just take a lighter and run it fast back and fourth to dry it. After your done with that find a nice place to smoke, alone or with some friends, find which side will hit better then spark that shit and get hiiiigggghhhh:smoke:

    I take full credit for this tutorial, pictures, and the blunt. If this tutorial worked for you leme know and comment. ive rolled atleast 100 blunts so if its not perfect on your first try all i can say is practice makes perfect. If you want to post this tutorial somewhere else please PM me first.

  2. good god, do we really need another one of these things?

    use the search button
  3. Bro im sorry i saw one but the blunt was fucked uppp. i just had to put a legit one up
  4. nice tutorial bro... +rep
  5. why are you tripping out
    this is the best one i've seen

    good job man
  6. I just rolled a philly, wish i'd read this thread, i'dve known how to roll a dutch ><
  7. i cant find anywhere to buy dutches!!!! no 7-11 or gas stations have them!!!!!!

  8. Walgreens has them here.

  9. Good looks bro. I worked hard on this its nice to have some props
  10. Nice how to guide, it was well done.
  11. Besides tiny little adjustments, that is basically the way I and most people roll a dutch blunt. Very nicely done, +Rep for sure :hello:
  12. Nicest I've seen.
  13. ehh...
    rather roll a swisher or peach optimo...
    dutches look 2 complex, and more sloppy...
    stick w/ that gud ol' swisher shweet...:hello:
  14. Don't knock it till you tried it.

    Smoothest, most chill blunt I've ever smoked. Burns longer than a swisher/optimo no doubt when scrolled and not just straight up split.

    It's not really complex at all, you just actually put some care into your blunts and the reward is well worth it.

    Excellent guide, OP. Very well done and well rolled.

  15. fair enuff.:smoke:
  16. I've rolle countless swishers and regular dutches but i've never tried it this way I have to remind myself to get a game or something next time Ima roll up

  17. WTF!! i think like EVERY gas station by me sells dutches phillies white owls or papers
  18. nice guide, love the pics

    nice looking blunt too, not all scrawny like the other one that was posted today
  19. nice man. that's how i roll my dutches. this is probably the best dutch rolling guide on the city. :hello:
  20. nice looking dutch, how long did it burn for?

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