How To Roll A Joint?

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  1. Probably a stupid question, but how would I properly roll a joint?
    I have mild-to-moderate Cerebral Palsy, so it becomes difficult for me. Are there any tricks handy to make it easier on my aging fingers (though I'm twenty-two, I feel forty)? 
    Thanks for your help! :D

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    Go slow. Try to get it on the first tuck or it only gets harder. Helps a lot to have the plant material straight/even/level/flat.

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  3. It takes practice. Also, while I rarely encourage the use of rolling machines, you sir have the perfect reason to utilize one. Best of luck to you! 
  4. Thanks, ya'll! :D
  5. Lick fingers and wipe on pants, this will add grip and make it easier.
    As others have said, practice.  Maybe consider a joint roller.
  6. Start with zigzags or any normal papers
    Keep your bud moist if it's too dry it'll make rolling harder.

    So start by grinding your bud medium to fine as corse or fluffy blends make it harder.
    Grasp your paper in your non dominant hand, holding it by the corner so the paper is a nice V shaped trough.

    Now load your paper with your bud. Fill the paper about half full. If it's too fluffy pack it down lightly with a chop stick or thin long item.

    Now we get to the roll, grasp both sides and roll the bud between paper till you get a nice cylinder of compressed weed. It's tricky at first but once you now the method it goes quickly. Once you have the weed compressed a bit, pull the paper down to the edge and roll it. Sometimes it's hard to get the corners tucked but after you've got it up to the glue line lick and stick!

    Weed is going to fall out the ends when you're rolling so get some paper to catch it.
  7. I learned from YouTube. Most people on this site probably learned from YouTube. I'd go with YouTube if I were you.
  8. youtube lots of practice thats all
  9. Look up the dollar bill trick. Works just like a roller, if it wasn't for this i would have no clue how to roll. 
    I looked it up and you're right. It IS fairly similar to a roller. 
    Though investing in a roller isn't expensive at all. I found a Zig Zag roller online for around six or seven dollhairs. 
    But thanks all for the tips and tricks! :D I may use them in the future if I'm up to the challenge. 
    Happy toking! :D
  11. Go slow. Lots of practice
    Learn each part of the roll and how it effects the way the joint smokes

    Don't go into it trying to roll it as fast as you can. Take your time, Try to enjoy the joint rolling process as much as smoking it
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    wiz khalifa method is great. it gives you a little handle to hold on to and everything. nothing else needed but papers and bud! click me for teh goodness!!
    another easy way would be a roller. not the traditional type but a filter tube roller with filter tubes. basically it looks like a cigarette with no tobacco in it, but pre rolled. just empty but rolled already. just grind your bud, insert into the filter tube roller, insert filter tube and then work the mechanism. out pops a perfectly rolled dooobie the size and shape of a cigarette. break off the filter and then enjoy. it works well as far as camouflage goes to keep your doobies under the radar. i mean it passes most casual checks but certainly wouldn't get you passed dogs or anything of that nature.
    good luck man. i have been hearing some pretty amazing things about medicinal marijuana and MS, cerebral Palsy and another disease that works in similar ways.. i am a cancer survivor so i try to keep up on cool stuff like that and other medical / science related 420. [​IMG]
    because i don't pay very good attention and i happen to have a killer buzz goin~
  13. this tip is great for rolling when its super cold too
    killer method! never thought of the twist.

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