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How to roll a joint

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IluvRootBeer, Nov 24, 2002.

  1. I know how to roll a blunt, i know how to pack a bowl but i love joints and i cant roll them so weill some one help me!!!!!!!!! with either words or pictures or both
  2. before I learned how to roll I used to roll the paper around a pen, lick it , take it off the pen, get the finely broken up marijuana and put it in the paper and pack it with a nail untill it is full. That makes the perfect joint
  3. Yeah, that's a good method. But there's nothing like your own joint :)

    I'd much rather smoke my own poorly rolled joint than fill up a perfect premade cone any day :D
  4. ever tryed with a dollar? cheap alternative to buying a roller....just put some green twards the bottom half of the dollar holdin it sideways so ya lookin at it like its tall not wide and fold the bottom part of the dollar up bout 1/4 the way so ya got a little weed pouch, put the weed in and roll the dollar up and down around it to get it nice and rounded then stick a paper in behind the green and roll up...pull the flap of the dollar back to lick the glue and finish rollin it up:) you can fold in the sides of the dollar if needed to make a little pouch but not really like a charm i did it long b4 i could roll....can roll some fatties that way too:)
  5. 'KraziKlown'?!

    Methinks someone's tryin to horn in on the Krazi action around here...

    nah, j/k, go ahead and be as krazi as you want :)

    Oh, and just to make this post relevant to the thread, joints are good, yeah
  6. or to get good, practice with rolling papers and sugar, instead of weed, but dont smoke it or you'll feel and look stupid...
  7. practice.

    like amanitia said, if u aint got the bud to waste on a few beasts use tobacco or somat else.
  8. practice, practice, practice

    it just clicks one day
  9. i roll joints real funny like...somewhat fat and they are like slightly curved so that they are fatter in the middle but it looks all pretty its sad to sell it ( i sold my first and last joint to a friend it was so pretty i had practiced a lot w/ random stuff @ skool....i want rolling papers)
    oh yeah, im o-high-ho (ohio get it?)
  10. This might help, although I don't know if you're using hash...

    [ame=]How To Roll A Joint in Tel Aviv -[/ame]

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