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How to roll a joint with no cigarette papers?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Caz, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. Hey all, I just joined today, you can check out my introductory post if you like. Well anyway I actually have a couple questions, so here goes.

    1. I don't have access to cigarette papers, I can't buy them, so what can I use otherwise?

    2. If I do find something else to use, how can I roll the joint and keep it from unrolling? I know that cigarette papers have strips of glue on them, but if I used something else how would I "secure" it?

    Thanks guys, I would appreciate all your experienced answers :D
  2. Bible paper, lick it real good like a blunt, good to go.
  3. why cant you buy them, its like a buck for some cheap ones. oh wait. youre underage huh
  4. Have you read the instructions on making an apple pipe or simple gravity bong? Either will taste better than smoking odd bits of paper.:)
  5. gj bro you got him mission accomplished we can now return home
  6. I know this is the case with most people that they can't buy papers cause there underaged but i currently am not of age to buy papers either cause I live in Ny and the age is 19. Its fucking retarded.
  7. Are you or the OP even 18? haha just ask someone at a gas station to buy you some zig zags, it's not hard.
  8. wtf are you talking about its fucking 18 here in nyc
  9. uhh when i was a youngin i'd sttand outside a convience store, away from wear the casheir could look out and see me, then ask somebody who looked old enough and looked like they'd do it, to buy me a blunt, i always used manors and said please and thank you. if you are desperate, offer them a tip of $1
  10. Use the blank pages in a dictionary/bible. Cut out the paper to the appropriate size. Fold in half. Fold along the top of the paper about half a centimeter and lick the edge. Tear the edge. This acts as the glue. Now the fibers of the paper should be up, so when you lick UP, it will stick. I've done this so many times when I was younger.

  11. maybe legal age where he is, is is where i am
  12. Wtf are you talking about? I live in new york and its 19 not 18. I should know cause im 18 and alot of places still won't sell me anything tobacco related because its 19.
  13. in RI taxes fuck you up so i'd be hard pressed to find papers under 4 bucks
  14. Certain counties in long island, i think you need to be 19 for tobacco products and such. Just go to A different town/county and you can buy some if thats the case. But seriously if you are not even 18 make an apple pipe, never smoke form foil.
  15. use an apply pipe or buy a piece, for some reason I coudn't buy papers when I was 17 but I could buy a pipe. wierd.
  16. Smoking paper, or bible paper, or any of the other many alternatives out there is extremely bad for you, so don't do it. Your best bet is to get a pipe, or make a home-made apple pipe. It'll waste less weed than joints, and if you want to smoke joints with friends, then get someone else to get papers.

    If you're under 18 and that's why you can't buy papers then I'd advise you not to mention it or leave any clues to it in future, this site doesn't allow anyone under 18 to join, but we're generally tolerant as long as people act mature and don't make it too obvious.
  17. It seems like I'm underage but I'm not, I'm 19 and they still won't let me buy them, its strange!
  18. Use the paper off a tampon its real thin works good
  19. Mail order? Surely you know at least one head that's over 18, get him to buy you a piece and then you don't need papers.
  20. order online^^like that dude said

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