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How To Roll A Joint For Beginners -Tons of Pics -

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JareedDubstepa, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. Well i get tired of smoking out my bub from time to time, so i enjoy rolling a spliff every once in awhile. So i made this little picture tutorial to help those who struggle with rolling joints, or who have never rolled one before. The variation in smoking tools can also do things to your high, after bongin it for a few weeks, when i smoke a joint or a blunt i get completely ripped, so heres a little step by step of how i roll my joints.

    How to roll a Joint

    Step 1: Gathering your Supplies:
    Gather your shit, get your favorite rolling papers, your dank herbals anywhere from .5 grams to 2 grams, and your mouth piece,(optional on the mouth piece).


    Step 2: Breaking up the Buds:

    Break up your buds, and form your mouth piece out of some thicker paperboard, i usually use business cards with an inkless side and roll the cylinder with the inkless side on the inside. However in this tutorial i used the casing of a match book.


    Step 3: Holding the Paper:

    I personally when i have a flat surface to use, usually indoors, this method is not recommended indoors, i do have an alternative method for cars and mobile rolling. I lay my paper on the flat surface like so..

    I then spread the buds evenly along the paper like this..
    Then i pick up the paper with one of my hands, then grab the paper with the spread out bud by both ends.


    Alternate Method
    Hold your rolling paper in your hand with your mouth piece positioned between your thumb and index finger cradled in the joint of the two fingers and sprinkle the buds in and spread out evenly like so..


    Step 4: Rolling the Buds:
    After positioning the papers in my hands i begin to roll back and forth to tighten the broken up buds into a tight, compact, cylinder of bud if you will, like so..


    You want to progressively roll into a cylindrical shape if you will, like so..


    Then seal that mothafucka by licking from left to right twice, and press it down.


    Step 5: Packing the Buds and Twisting the End:

    You want a tight joint so you have to make the bud pretty compact so pack the buds down with a pointy object, i find the perfect object to be headphone jacks.


    I then grab the joint by the end that i will twist and i shake it back and forth like so..


    Now finally we twist the end, and we have successfully rolled a joint.


    Step 6: Light and Enjoy:

  2. Awesome tutorial. how do you do the ghost like that in your video. i never could figure it out.

    +rep for a good tut.
  3. Sticky this thread!
  4. thanks man, and draw the smoke in your mouth by pullin on themouth piece, without inhaling just trpping the smoke in your mouth then open your mouth a little bit and kind of let a little smoke out then draw it back in haha. idk thats the best way i can explain it, youll get the hang of it man with practice.
  5. nice guide. +rep :smoking:

  6. Actualy that explained it for me, lol thanks.
  7. Nice thread! Sticky!
  8. Thanks for the replies and feedback so far guys :wave:
  9. good post and great pictures, that looks like a nice joint
  10. well done
  11. Very good guide. It's very clearly expressed. Thanks, man.
  12. im impressed! nice guide man youvegotta be armless if u cant follow that:confused:
    keep on rollin:smoking:
  13. hah thanks for all the support and feedback fellas, im gunna work on a rollin a blunt tut for this section too, starting wth dutches, and then swishers, and platinum wraps.
  14. Nice pics. Over in my part of the world due to the relative shortage of herb we always mix with tobacco.
    An interesting way I came accross is the "spanish style" Basically take the skin and place on you palm so that the gummed edge is facing down on your palm. Put the weed on the back of the paper and roll as normal. Now the tricky bit - as you roll wet the gummed edge and tuck into the paper. Now you should have a rolled joint but with a bit of paper sticking out of the side. burn this off. The idea is that you only use about 3/4 of the paper so it tastes better. Its quite a fun party trick. (Sorry no pics)
  15. It's definitely a different way of doing it. I personally don't like rolling with a cut already inside, especially for those who are starting, it doesn't develop the finger movements.

  16. +rep nice tutorial man sure will help many newbies out there.
  17. Not a very good roll for a tutorial tbh.
  18. I'd say guides are good for rolling if you don't know anything about it. Don't follow a guide on your 4th 5th times rolling unless you still can't get it decent.

    Because I found that after doing it for a while it just becomes muscle memory :smoke:

    Great guide though man, definitely helped some people!
    And sick Gif I watched it maybe 40 times hehe.
  19. Thats what im trying to encourage tbh, not trying to make an official thread or anythng just to inspire peeps to roll dooobies, its really the only way to learn to roll is by practice.
  20. +rep!

    Sticky please!

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