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how to resin hit a glass pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by e_to_the_x, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. I feel like getting high and I'm all out of bud but my glass pipe has plenty of resin on the inside of it. It's one of those pipes with a carb that has an inside of it so you can see the smoke, and I'm wondering how I get to hit the resin in there if it's possible. I've been trying to put the flame thru the carb hole but when I inhale it tastes like butane and the pipe gets hot. What do yall suggest?
  2. lol either plug the bowl with your thumb and put the flame through the carb or scrape the pipe out. make a rez ball.
  3. humm..ive always done it threw the carb or sometimes i put my mouth over the bowl and light where ur mouth usually goes.
    ..thats only if its reallllllly dirty.

    also, idk if its just me but when i use lighters that you can adjust how big the flame gets i tend to taste the butane more than with a regular bic.


  4. I've seen people put the flame under the bowl. I'm not sure if that's a good idea or how well it really works though.
  5. I wouldnt put a flame under a glass bowl... It may fuck with your colors and make it black. Just scrape what you can out of the bowl itself. Inside the pipe section i honestly dont know how people get it out because its a mess if you use a paperclip or some shit. Just get a bunch of pipe cleaners and clean that out.
  6. I would cover the bowl with your thumb and treat it as a carb. Just got a few good hits this way in my grandparents bathroom ;-)
  7. Yup, scrape that shit! A bobby pin works great for me, just gotta burn the little rubber tip off. Or if you dont want to scrape you can just smoke like normal, cover the carb and smoke your "empty" pipe. Slow and low, that is the tempo
  8. Enjoy the lovely taste of res ^_^
  9. hold the flame to where the tip of the flame is licking the bottom of the bowl and hold until smoke starts leaking out of the carb.

    release the lighter and continuously pull on the bowl until your lungs are full, then repeat.

    careful, however, the bottom of the bowl is hot enough to give you major burns if touched.

    edit: dont run cold water on it to cool it off, it will crack. also, if you hold it at the right distance, it wont get black. if it does, wait until it cools and wipe it off with a moist paper towel.
  10. dude +rep thebrotherstoke, that works great.
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    This works awesome!! +rep too. you dont even have to taste butane. I held it under the bowl while i was hitting it and just kept breathing.

    EDIT: Its basically just vaporizing resin
  12. One of the easier ways is to dump your pipe into boiling water on the stove, after awhile the resin should start coming out and settling at the bottom. You can then go in after a few minutes with something to scrape it out and also dump that in the water. After you're done basically cleaning the pipe, you can strain the water thorough a coffee filter and let the resin dry. After it dries, just clump it together, pack a bowl, and smoke up.
  13. i've smoked like 10 bowls of resin in the past 24 hours
  14. What I usually do is clean my pipe (mine is a Sherlock pipe, so it takes a while, but it collects a shit ton on the bottom) with a pipe cleaner, just one of those fuzzy things you get at craft stores and shit. Then I collect the resin I get off the pipes to make res bowls.
    Kind of desperate but eh, if you're up for the work... haha.
  15. just get a paper clip bro, that shit comes out easier than you'd think...

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