How to report my own thread to have it moved

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  1. I sent an email to the contact address last night. The mod that answered said he couldn't get into my thread to move it. Told me to report it and request to have it moved to the area it's more suited for. Didn't bother to explain HOW to do it, just said to do it.
    So, here's the thread
    I started it in the DIY section and the build is and has been complete. I'm on my first indoor grow and could really use some guidance, but the thread is in the wrong place..My doing. Can I get a moderator to move it to the indoor grow section of the forum for me please or get some instruction on how to do so myself?
    Thanks in advance..
  2. If you look at the number of posts, as an example your post is #1. The little image with the little yellow looking dude next beside a red exclamation mark beside the little image with scales is the report button.
    I'd do a screen shot but my brain is in full boar yet, just woke up. But I have faith that you can find it now ;)
  3. Your link wasn't working right for me just as it wasn't last night when I asked you to report it. I went in through your profile and got the thread moved to Indoor Growing but you'll want it in the journal area eventually.

    Good luck.
  4. Thanks, that's what the other Mod said. I just went to it. My wife just went to the thread on her pc, so I've no idea why you can't see it or it disappears. I was able to report the post ( thanks Leesh ) Now I'll just kick back and watch how it grows...goes.. =o)
  5. I was that "other Mod" you were referring to. I'm Rummy. :)
  6. Thanks RMJL, much appreciated. Why don't you just put it in the indoor grow journal section now if you think that's where it's better suited? If you believe that's where it's better suited then I'll trust your judgement. Thanks for the quick help bro..
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