How to remove oil/grease marks on cabinet??

Discussion in 'General' started by TanuSilvester, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone, this is a question regarding my kitchen cabinet. It is dark red in color but lately I have seen oil/grease marks on it. Though it is not visible always but in certain lights it becomes. I have tried cleaning it with Murphy's oil but to no avail. Please suggest me something to get rid of the marks.
  2. Uhhhh my guess is this stuff called goo off. Shit works wonders
  3. Also this is a pot forum not google haha
  4. spray some simple green on the rough side of a dish sponge and scrub it really hard. if it doesnt come off, it has absorbed into the wood pretty deep.

    SOURCE: worked cleaning houses
  5. If you want to throw caution completly to the wind, there is a product called Greased Lightening that is a very powerful degreaser. You could try that, but it may effect the finish of your cabinets. I used it on mine and it didn't bother the wood or the finish. But be warned, the shit is STRONG.
  6. Is it real wood? If so you could use some very fine grit sandpaper to sand it down, then re-apply a little bit of finish.
  7. WD40 works great

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