How to Remove Logo from a Bong?

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  1. I've been looking at some weed star bongs on here, and the 30% off sale is really tempting me (not looking for great quality - just a good hit). Only problem is, I really don't like the large logos they put on their bongs. Does anyone know a way of removing the label?

    I did some googling and found a few threads on here, two people said CLR will do the trick but nobody confirmed it.

    Thanks :smoke:
  2. Paint thinner perhaps?
  3. most of them are actually engraved into the glass and are therefore unremovable :/
  4. Acetone and salt will burn that logo right off.
  5. Would nail polish remover be strong enough?
  6. nail polish remover is acetone
  7. [quote name='"9D3"']
    Would nail polish remover be strong enough?[/quote]

    Not sure, I would imagine with enough scrubbing you could get it off.
  8. [quote name='"HotDish"']nail polish remover is acetone[/quote]

    Highly diluted with other random chemicals and water.
  9. I realize it's acetone, but I thought it wasn't pure acetone. I guess it's worth a try... but I really don't want to be stuck with that logo.
  10. i clean mine with 99% iso and salt once a week and the painted on ILLUSION logo is still like brand new. youd deffanitley need something more heavy duty like paint thinner. if you do try to take the logo off your bong might be out of commission for a few days because you really wanna make sure ALL that paint thinner comes out. its gonna need a good long soak and scrub probably.

    if its engraved then its not comming off but im sure thats obvious.
  11. How about some cool stickers?
  12. There are different kinds of nail polish, with differing levels of acetone. If you can get pure acetone, that would probably be your best bet. That's what we used to clean the laboratory glass in an organic Chem lab I took.
  13. Yeah, I had a feeling iso wouldn't do the trick. I think that if I order this bong, I'll try giving it a good CLR soak and scrub before going and buying acetone.

    And yeah, if it's engraved I'm shit outta luck. Luckily, it doesn't look like it is
  14. didnt think of CLR that would be good too. something with industrial strength the bathroom remedies wont work for this kinda stuff.
  15. What about a torch burn it off
  16. Don't have a torch available. I'd rather not try that on something brand new, either :p
  17. Found this thread: Remove Bong Label? - TokeCity

    CLR should do the trick. So if I order this bong, I'll try it out and post results. Won't be for a while though.

  18. What was the result?

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