How to remove locational data from images

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  1. Most new phones and cameras record location in their photos metadata. This means that if you upload a picture taken from them anyone can download that picture and narrow down to within 20 feet of the exact spot the picture was taken from.

    In windows you can view your photos metadata by right clicking the file, clicking properties, then going to the 'Details' tab and scrolling down until you get to the GPS section. If you see information on there that you don't want here is a simple way to remove it (You can do this with multiple files at once).

    Download Batch Purifier Lite from CNET. It is a photo purifier. Meaning it has the ability to remove all metadata attached to photos.

    BatchPurifier Lite - CNET
    (Remember to disagree to whatever toolbar they offer with the download)

    Once this is installed you just run the program and open up any photos that you want to clean. Then click next a few times until it asks where you want to save the file. It will give you two options: Save over the existing file, or Save as a new file. Personally I recommend saving as a new file because depending on what system you used to take the photo it may not be able to overwrite it, however if it creates a new photo it will be able to do so.

    Once this is complete go to the new photo and check the details again to make sure the data is gone.

    Good luck and stay safe :hello:
  2. exiftool -all= *.jpg will work in command prompt.
  3. I have exif programs... Just wanted to add that on smarphones... There is a turn off gps in photo settings. And there are apps that spoof your location also.
  4. any one know for apple?
  5. Can't remember about the GPS. I had a location spoofer on my iPhone. My pics were shown as being taken from am island off of Italy.

    I am sure there is something on cydia if there isn't anything in AOL store

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